PC gaming executives: Everything's fine

CNET's Tom Krazit reports:

At the Nvidia's GeForce LAN 4 event in Alameda, California, on Friday, November 16, panelists from Nvidia, Intel, Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and Crytek reassured the cheering attendees that all was well in the PC gaming world - even though NPD's numebers show that sales of PC gaming software in 2006 were down substantially from 2001. The panelists claimed that those numbers do not reflect the increasing number of games distributed digitally, although the Krazit notes that they sounded defensive as they discussed some of the broader issues.

Krazit discusses why gaming consoles has the PC gaming industry on the defensive these days, what the PC industry would like to try to do to get gamers interested in the PC again as a gaming platform, and how the PC gaming is becoming more of a specialized experience for only certain types of games.

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BludoTheSmelly3988d ago

This market has weathered many a storm in its time.