Black Friday Ads

Here's the official site for Black Friday sales from Retail companies: from Ace Hardware to Wal-Mart.


Here's another great site, with actual scans from retailer ads:

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kurochi5135d ago

Target has COD4 for both Xbox 360 and PS3 for $48.... I guess I can handle that price....

The_Firestarter5135d ago

At CompUSA you can buy one game (at regular price) and get another for free. That's awesome. :)

thereapersson5135d ago

What about 360 and PS3 games? If so, I will definitely take advantage of that deal!

Bonsai12145135d ago

really? but i think i'll wait to get the actual advertisement to make judgements. but honestly, this year's sales seem to be a bit lacking compared to last years. maybe compusa will have a midnight sale again like they did last year. thats where my family got our 60" sxrd..

thereapersson5135d ago

I have the 50a3000 sxrd that I bought for 2200, and now it's all the way down to 1500.

This is why i'm never an early adopter of ANYTHING....

Bonsai12145135d ago

haha reaper. mines an a2000, but we only paid 2k for it, rather than the 3k it was at the time.

then theres the 40gb + extra controller + 5 bd-dvd movies. for 400. thats a steal as well.

thereapersson5135d ago

My SXRD beats my friend's Samsung LED DLP that he picked up a while back, and the black level and contrast calibration settings on this thing really outshine many LCD and Plasma sets out there. Of course, the RPTV technology always has its own share of shortcomings, but overall I couldn't be any happier with my TV.

Hell, it sure impresses all my guests that come over and watch upscaled DVD's and Blu Ray movies, as well as high-powered games such as Gears of War, Halo 3, Bioshock, and now Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank and even Assassin's Creed. SXRD FTW!

Bonsai12145135d ago (Edited 5135d ago )

yep. gotta agree with you there :-p

picture quality is AMAZING. the only complain i could possibly have is that the fan is slightly annoying. when you have those quiet scenes, you can hear it going, but if you're in the middle of the action, you won't notice a thing.

my sister and i are combining to buy planet earth on blu-ray for my parents for christmas. i can't wait to see how that looks!

ps, this is how n4g should work. intelligent conversation.. haha. bubbles for you

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jahcure5135d ago

Ps3 for 299 for the 40 gb version with spiderman3 at BJs. Now that's an excellent price.

FamilyGuy5134d ago (Edited 5134d ago )

You can get one for $320 RIGHT NOW at K-mart using their %20 off coupon in the pharmacy section...

I'm looking for deals on PS3 games and accessories and deals on SD and Pro Duo cards for my digital camera, Psp and Ps3

The_Firestarter5134d ago

That's pretty sweet! It's too bad I live on the west coast. :(

royalracoon5135d ago

That 42 Olvia LCD looks really good for $699

FamilyGuy5134d ago (Edited 5134d ago )

The coupon is in a coupon book that can be found in the pharmacy section but some k-marts will take a scan/copy of it like so.
It works on tv, video games and VIDEO GAME CONSOLES.