FIFA 12-Review: It's better than PES 2012 (PC Games)

Here's one of the first FIFA 12-Reviews. It says that it's better than PES 2012 - even on the PC.

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One-X3644d ago

PES get's a lot of hate from the FIFA fanboys. They literally defend FIFA like it's the holy grail of everything to ever have importance. One of the comments on the site says 'Fifa is better in every aspect', No. I personally prefer PES, but I'm not gonna say Fifa is a bad game, just doesn't match my tastes. But Fanyboys who make these comments need to grow up.

PES will continue to get slaughtered from all the Fifa fanboys and it's sad to see. PES2012, the second demo, was outstanding bar a few annoyances and bugs, definitely the best PES game since PES 6 without a doubt. But to say FIFA is better or in every aspect, I'd like a completely unbias point of view. Shame we're not going to get one.

farhad2k83644d ago

I've been playing PES until FIFA 10, and FIFA is just MUCH better in EVERY single aspect other than UEFA Champions League being in PES.
But honestly, I can't imagine how people play PES over FIFA, All these years I was being a stupid little brat just because my friends had PES and I refused to try FIFA.

Well guess what, once I joined FIFA and showed it to them, ALL of my friends now despise PES. It will NEVER get on FIFAs level. I'm sorry but it won't.

One-X3644d ago

Grow up. Just because you want to marry and have it's babies doesn't mean I do. I prefer PES, always have done. I've tried Fifa, and I didn't like it. Stop being a patronizing jerk and realise people are different.

PES Lost it's way the past few years, but the 2nd demo for PES 2012 was simply great.

badz1493644d ago

FIFA plays the best on console, no question asked! but when going to the PC side, PES rules no contest! PES + controller on PC is the best available football game on that platform! plus all the mods, patches and rooster updates, it truly is the king on PC! I play FIFA all the time on my consoles but sadly on PC, it is UTTERLY CRAP! so, FIFA on PS3 and PES on PC for me!

Masta Kaos3644d ago

Fifa is weak compared to PES.....i tried playing it and the passing is lame, the players feel the same and the individuality of each player doesnt exist. PES is a simulator.....Fifa is a game.

farhad2k83644d ago

I'm sorry but that is SO untrue. When playing the Demo, I usually removed Fabregas and Nasri from my Arsenal team as I am an Arsenal fan. When I removed them two, I struggled to get a single good through ball to Van Persie, especially since there was also no Arteta.
But for some reason, one day I left Fabregas and Nasri in there, and their field of vision was SO impressive.
Also, EVERY player has different styles, look at the way Nani runs compared to Rooney, Rooney uses that same technique of stroking the ball in to the top right corner by structuring his body to aid him. Ibra is a powerful beast, and walks, sprints and shoots exactly like the real life player.

I can't believe you think that the players don't have individuality, when no two players in the game are the same. It's honestly amazing. You're just a little frustrated because you played FIFA after playing PES, and FIFAs fan base is like 9 times larger than PES. But trust me, I felt exactly the same way when I switched over to FIFA from PES, 2 years ago.