Of course video games affect people. That doesn't mean we'll all go on a murder spree

Could an "obsessive" interest in violent computer games have been the decisive factor in submariner Ryan Donovan's murderous attack on his colleagues, as was suggested last week? Rather than being mentally unstable, drunk and placed in charge of a machine gun while living in a submarine? Does playing Grand Theft Auto make you want to kill, and kill, and kill again?

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The Matrix4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

It seems that it would only be a problem for kids. And that's why the ESRB exists.

Marked4448d ago

I want lick the under side of toilet seat after eating gas station food. Doesnt mean it would stop me from punching someone like you in the face.

DarkFantasy4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

In soviet russia, underside of toilet lick you

fatalred alarm4448d ago

Didn't the highest court in the US state that there was not a single piece of evidence or research that proved videogames have a bad influence on people?


Been a video gamer since I could talk and walk as a child. I'm now 22.. I went from playing mario to playing violent gamed like gears, gta,god of war, FPS..e.t.c. I even smoke weed as u can tell from my display pic and user name but I still know what's real and fake. I've held guns and knifes b4 and people have disturbed me when playing games online but I have nevrr said I'm gonna kill them. The people who do that r just mental mad people who r not normal in the head. It has nothing to do with playing games. They r over 500Million gamers world wide(Jusy my estimate not offical numbers) and I'm sure most of them play violent games,if the games r the cause of the mürders that makes the news don't u think we would have a repore almost every day? Gamer for life.Fox news can go to hell. The amount of time I c fox news bashing nd Blaming games for murders is just ridiculous.

Prophet-Gamer4448d ago

I've been playing mature games since I was like 8 and it hasn't affected me at all. As long as you can differentiate between what's real and what's not, there shouldn't be problem. The problem arises when you have irresponsible parents that don't give their kids any proper guidance.

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TheKindRoost4448d ago (Edited 4448d ago )

Well according to metro we can't differentiate reality and virtual. We can't deny that after all, they are a very trusted and credible source. If you deny then you nothing are blind fanboy.

Robearboy4448d ago

I dont know if Im alone in this but sometimes when i look at real trees and rocks and stuff I sometimes find myself thinking how great the textures look!!

Szarky4448d ago

you win, comment of the day

consolez_FTW4448d ago

Im still unsure about the whole videogames actually changing someones mind and making them violent. Just because when I was a kid I'd play M rated games and they would have no effect on me at all. I've never been a violent person my whole life. I think it's more of the kids envioment when growing up. That could affect if he is violent/crazy or not.

modesign4448d ago

im gonna go on a killing spree then blame it on grand theft auto. :)

kramun4448d ago

Nice to read a well thought out article about the subject, I agree with everything he said.

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