Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Achievements List Officially Revealed

Earlier in the month, Se7enSins member DEVIL D0G had leaked the achievements list for Modern Warfare 3. Many fans were sceptical of the findings, but now you can all thank him, because that leak has turned out to be accurate.

As always, the achievements and trophy list for the PS3 are identical, so this applies to MW3 fans on the PS3 as well.

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coolbeans3211d ago

Although I may be in the minority (not sure), I hope they refrain from adding on DLC achievements. I don't mind it for Waw/Black Ops, but I've become accustomed to it the simple 1000 in IW's CODs.

aglot893211d ago

Hit the nail on the head. Infinity Ward don't do the add-on/multiplayer achievements. They know that hundreds of thousands of people will still purchase the add-ons.

I think they got that idea from COD4, when they realised that the majority of players never completed the campaign but only concentrated on the multiplayer.

princejb1343211d ago

omg kill a juggernaut with a knife like really
its time for knife spam on him

M-Easy3211d ago

This is actually a decent list. Except for the same old beat these missions on veteran.

Xenial3211d ago

Agreed, i'm not complaining though. Easy trophy level up i guess.

Decent list, i'm surprised there's only one hidden trophy/achievement. :O

princejb1343211d ago

veteran be so annoying
i would never forget playing world at war campaign only to get spammed my grenades by the ai

fooxy3211d ago

Why would you thank a douche-bag who spends most of histime sitting on website/forum which specializes in hacking the same games in online matches and making other people e-penises appear bigger for ms point or other form of payment like paypal

LoneWanderer093211d ago

Better list of trophies than MW2

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