CDP hints at Witcher 2 expansion, Witcher 3

Robert Purchese writes:Fans of The Witcher 2 can tentatively begin looking forward to an expansion pack as well as The Witcher 3, CD Projekt Red has hinted.

Game designer and writer Jan Bartkowicz dropped heavy hints about both to Eurogamer today.

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Laxman2163215d ago

Wonder if Witcher 2 sells well on the 360, they will be making this for all 3 major machines?

If they do, it would be a shame if they scaled down to cater to consoles primarily, but either way, its the best path for them if they want to make the most money out of the game.

smilydude133215d ago

They should just do what they did with TW2: Make the game with the PC in mind first then port it to consoles.

Every body wins that way.

caboose323215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Yea, it would be awesome to have the game on all platforms, but as long as no sacrifices are made in order to do it.

But CDP have stated before that they will stick to the formula of working on one platform at a time so they can get the most out of each, and no platform will feel like a compromised port.

Laxman2163215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

Didnt know they worked like that. Thats a great outlook for a developer like CDP.

How long did Witcher 2 take to make after 1? Wonder if the new gen of consoles will have hit by then?

caboose323215d ago

Umm from what I've read in interviews they started immediately after number 1 with the story and the new engine.

But they worked on it for about 3 years.

yamzilla3215d ago

By the time the witcher 3 comes out no one will be playing an xbox360 or ps3 man, we will be on new consoles by then.

They really should just wait until a new xbox console is out before the port the witcher 2, that way it would be a lot closer to the level it is on the pc right now!