TPV Podcast – Episode 25 – 4 Men, 3 Competitions, 2 Rants & 1 Ashton Kutcher

TPV: 4 Men: This is the first Play Vault podcast where we have had our full four man podcasting team. Join your hosts Jonmau5, Davedogg, Jonesy and Curtis.

3 Competitions: We have 3 competitions for you to enter this week (unless you have already won one of them, ooooh!)

Curts Challenge: Sign Up to the Monthly Play Vault Challenge To win some XBLA Arcade Games & Indie Game Codes.

Fruit Ninja Giveaway – Dave reads out another code on air and this time it’s a full code for Fruit Ninja Kinect.

We announce the winner of the Gears Of War 3 T Shirt Giveaway

2 Rants: Jonesy has a rant about the Metro Newspaper and their video game journalism. Gamers think games are real!

1 Ashton Kutcher: Ashton Kutcher does not actually join us but he has been contacted to do the same as he has done with Charlie Sheen and replace the host of this show too!"

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jsslifelike3212d ago

4 manly hosts this week? I loooove sausage! Please- NO ASHTON KUTCHER.

Jonmau53212d ago

Yes! That's right! 4 manly, macho, sweaty men are here for your listening pleasure!

Ashton Kutcher may or may not be present but any likeness, realness or entity regarding any famous persons deceased or alive is purely coincidence!