Do You Want A New Jade Empire Or More Mass Effect?

After the release of Mass Effect 3, would you rather see BioWare start a new adventure set in the Mass Effect universe? Or resurrect its Eastern-inspired RPG?

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NukaCola3215d ago



I personally want Jade Empire 2. mass 3 is coming and that original Xbox game was awesome.

NewMonday3215d ago

give ME a break after 3 and give us JE

Quagmire3215d ago

Exactly, it would be great for Bioware to give the series a rest after ME3, and what better way to do it than to make a Jade 2. Although, that is if they dont decide to make a Dragon Age 3, which I'm sure they will do.

Whitefeather3215d ago

How about Knights of The Old Republic 3? I'd love to finally be able to play it on my PS3....sadly very doubtful that'll ever happen.

Si-Fly3215d ago

The Old Republic on PC will give me my Kotor fix, never know, if it does well enough it could end up on consoles...

Whitefeather3215d ago

I'd still rather have a single player RPG again instead of an MMO. Anyways I have the collector's edition of The Old Republic ordered.

Si-Fly3215d ago

That's the beauty of TOR though, you can play through the epic story with a.i. companions without even bothering with other players online! I've ordered the standard edition, hoping the early access comes next month...

Laxman2163215d ago

I agree. Just space them out a little so they dont have 1 game a year, unless they open a second studio or something.

But I really would love to see another Jade Empire, or even a HD remake. Same goes with Knights of the Old Repuclic. Im a big Star Wars fan, and I think thats probably the best game ever set in the universe.

TheClown3215d ago

Jade Empire easily. The Mass Effect games are garbage and Bioware's only good game this gen was Dragon Age: Origins.

jc485733215d ago

I need some cigarettes.

Si-Fly3215d ago

Me too, left my packet on the veranda last night and some kind of tropical storm means I'm currently trying to dry them out in my airing cupboard lol!

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The story is too old to be commented.