South Korea Is The Fastest Country To Download Games

Pando Networks says South Korea is the fastest country to download games

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FordGTGuy3207d ago

The Koreans had this planned all along, good job Korea. Playing the long con, didn't see that one coming.

zeal0us3207d ago

Whats the piracy rating in South Korea? Just curious, a lot of dl speed, highly doubt it wasted on grind fest and some generic MMORpgs.

Pandamobile3207d ago

Everything is F2P in South Korea lol.

That and Starcraft.

zackacloud3207d ago

because they have a loooooooooooooot of Online games exlusive in their counrty

Chocoboh3207d ago

With land that small I'd expect it. Everyone is literally connected to each other.

KimDongHwan3206d ago

I am korean and proud of that connection, though i dont live there :(

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