How Gears Handles War

Gears of War 3 hit stores last week, and with it comes the closure to both an impressive storyline and a series that has both defined a genre and built a massive fan base. However, with Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 releasing this year, both with an equally impressive story, fan base and genre changing gameplay there is one consistency all three games share, War.

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aznrunner18813216d ago

I wonder if the dudes in GoW have some sort of safe futuristic alternative to steroids...

Naklsonofnakkl3216d ago

I am sure it was that Imulsion stuff everyone seemed to have in their blood. I am sure it has a way to prevent the side-effects of steroids.

ECM0NEY3216d ago

We dont even know if they are human. They are on a planet called Sera. Thats probably there natural size after years of combat and badassery.