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Halo 3 Player Achievement Statistics: 15% Are Legendary, Plus More

Bungie Weekly Update on 11/16/07 shares some Halo 3 player statistics as tracked by Xbox Live:

Joe Tung tracked down some data on the achievements that have been completed by folks whose 360s are connected to Xbox Live. Here's some data for folks to chew on:

• Campaign Complete: Normal – Completed the Campaign on Normal Difficulty: 43.28%
• Campaign Complete: Legendary – Completed the Campaign on Legendary Difficulty: 15.14%
• Graduate: Graduated from basic training. Stick with it to earn your Spartan insignia: 66.92%
• UNSC Spartan: Promoted to Sergeant. Proven in combat, you are a Spartan: 52.07%
• The most found metagame skull? Black Eye skull with 34.26%
• The least found metagame skull? Tilt at 22.98% (Go find it, jerks! It's one of the best skulls in the game!)
• At 6.21%, Steppin' Razor is the hardest multiplayer Achievement to earn, with Two for One right behind it at 6.77% and Overkill nipping at its heels (6.75%)
• 8.68% of players have unlocked the Marathon Man Achievement
• 1000/1000 Gamerscore: 2.07%

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360Crusader4081d ago

Looks like I'm in the 15% lol

WilliamRLBaker4081d ago

lol I got most of the achievements i've not tried for the rest cause im too busy with orange box and COD4.

gw4k4081d ago

Yep, I'm that 15% and probably will be for.....ever.

With COD4, A. Creed, Uncharted and soon to be Mass Effect, I doubt I go back to that game any time soon.

rodellison4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Wonder how much of the 6.21% is actually real. I don't know how many times I've been in a game on the 'Construct' level where one or more of the other players (cheaters in this case) goes: "Who wants to do achievements?..", with Steppin' Razor being the major one..
They're always pissed when I don't participate and mow them down :)

nobizlikesnowbiz4081d ago

Flippin' Mongoose Mowdown pisses me off. Hit a guy going full speed and he rolls off with no shields.

Every achievement I have to H3 is legit except for Steppin' Razor. Some guys asked if we all wanted to do it and I thought why not? When am I actually gonna be in the situation to get a trip kill with a sword in lone wolves? Hrmmm....rare, very rare.

benny o klaatt4081d ago

swords is a gameplay type in lone wolves. thats how i got it without cheating. snowbound in that underground area between the two bases.


that mongoose is hard to get and that destroy an enemy vehicle with equipment

Covenant4081d ago

I found a relatively easy way to destroy vehicles using trip mines. Grab a trip mine, severely damage an enemy-controlled Chopper, then toss the mine right as the Chopper approaches again. Achievement unlocked. That's how I got mine.

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The story is too old to be commented.