A PlayStation 3 Timeline

A brief recount of PS3's historical moments, from inception to current.

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calderra5864d ago

-Nice time line! I like it.

-It's Killzone 3, people. The developers actually planned on making a PSP game (that they hadn't started yet at the time) to be released before this game. Yes, it's stupid to announce "3" when "2" isn't even in the works, but they did it.

-And Japan's getting 1/4th the units of the US? Way to support your home market, Sony. Microsoft may have just baited Sony into the most dangerous territory of all- focusing harder stateside, where Microsoft is strongest.

Lionel Hutz5864d ago

I thought that the timeline did a good job of summing up all the problems with Sony in the last 1.5 years or so.

What I have to disagree with is that it says the PS3 is doomed. Here is why I think that the PS3 will be a success.

1. The brand name. People think games and they think PlayStation. All parents need to know is PS2 now, PS3 next. They don't care whats inside it or about specs. Frankly, they probably don't even know what a blu-ray drive is. Knowing that it is the next in line is enough to tell that that it is an upgrade and thus, better.

2. Price will not be an issue. We all saw how people were flying through furbies at well over a $100 for their kids. According to philosophy - just covered this is class - , people in general do not like to spend a lot of money on a system they find to be worse than something else. It makes many feel like losers - kind of like how people do not like to vote for the losing candidate, so they go with the majority. They would rather spend more to get the best possible. They will be told that the PS3 is the best out there and will naturally go that route.

3. Perhaps most importantly, most people are not like the hardcore xbox fans that we see this site. I think that most people see that there are 3/4 of the people here as xbox fans, and immeditaly believe that the 360 will have 3/4 of the sales. I do not that think that this is an accurate representation of the rest of the world. Most people do not know about the Sony lies or the over-promises and under-delivering. That's why most people on this site stay away from Sony - because they know all about Sony's actions and say they cannot trust them as a result. Well guess what? Most people don't know or never even heard of "E3" or the "TGS." That is for the hardcore gamers - and even many of them want PS3s.

People will then have no reason to distrust Sony if they do not know about the gaming news like the news on this site. They will trust them because they think about how gaming was on their PS2. They will think about how Sony is synonymous with consumer electronics. Naturally, they will assume that the same will be true of the PS3. I can't stress enough ho most people do not read these gaming sites, at least not parents who will be doing a large portion of of the buying.

Therefore, there are 2 things that will sell the PS3:
a. Ignorance.
Parents don't know about the problems Sony is having. They hear that the PS3 is new and better, and then they want it. They hear that it is limited supply, and then they want it even more.

b. Specifications.
The hardcore gamers and a/v builders will want it. They will meet the initial demand for the PS3 and carry over the hype to the "ignorant" crowd. These people will want to harness the 1080p power with blu-ray at a cheap price considering what they would have to pay for a standalone. They figure, "I can spend $1000 on a blu-ray player for my home theater set up. Or, I can get a PS3 blu-ray player at $400 less and get a great gaming machine too."
----------------------------- --------
There you have it - my theory on the PS3. Take it as just that - a theory. I am not telling you that this will be true. I am just trying to say that this is what I believe to be the outcome for the PS3. If you disagree, please respond as I welcome a different opinion and respectful debate.

Thanks for reading,

ChickeyCantor5864d ago

but when i think games....i think globally, not only Ps2 and allot ppl do the same as i do.

Ps2 wanst first so dont think games means Ps2.

Captain Tuttle5863d ago

But I really think you're underestimating the cost issue. The economy is not as strong as it was even a year ago. With real estate values falling and the price of oil about to rise again as we get into the winter heating season, consumer confidence is going to continue to fall. I think that this Christmas season is going to be a rough one for retailers and that spending by consumers will continue to slack throughout 2007. If Nintendo markets the Wii correctly I think it's going to beat the PS3. The PS3 will definitely sell out at launch, probably in a couple of days. But I think it's going to be difficult to maintain that momentum into 2007.

Lionel Hutz5863d ago (Edited 5863d ago )

To 3.1:

Allow me to change my argument a bit then. I said:

"People think games and they think PlayStation. All parents need to know is PS2 now, PS3 next."

I would like to say:
"MOST PARENTS think games and they think PS. All they need to know is PS2 now, PS3 next."

I will grant you that not all people think that way, but remember that PS had 70% of the market last generation. I gather from that, then, the idea that most parents would identify with that brand considering that they have probably had more experience with that one.

People that purchase the 360 do so because they understand what specifically they are getting in the system. They are the gamers. (I am willing to bet that if one took a survey of the owners of the Xbox and PS2, the percentage of real gamers would be higher on the Xbox than PS2. For example, one takes a survey of 1000 people. It is found that 700 own the PS2 and 150 own the Xbox. Of the 700 PS2 owners, 350 are real gamers. That's 50%. So that also means 50% have just bought it for some other reason - perhaps because they can identify with it. Now take the 150 Xbox owners. 100 of them are real gamers. That’s 67% - more than the 50% of PS2 fans. So although the PS2 has more owners, its owners are not like Xbox owners.)

Sony has a different type of fan base as compared to Microsoft. Each has their dedicated and loyal supporters, but Sony has managed to get a larger share of the general population – the everyday consumer that gets a gaming system because these days it’s like as common as having a TV. Hundreds of millions of people have one, just like a TV. The only question is as to which one? History has pointed to the Sony system. I think that trend will continue, but as one can see, this is probably Microsoft’s and Nintendo’s best chance to get back in the race or take the lead.

PS3 Ultimate5862d ago

Just because u buy an X Box or X Box 360 does'nt say ur a REAL gamer. wtf? A REAL gamer will go out and buy a system that their favorite game or favorite version of a game is there. If you're getting an X Box 360. It is because u are either impatient because the PS3 is taking too long to launch, or an ignorant 360 fanboy or maybe just don't like the PS family because a 360 fanboy GOT u to buy the 360. A REAL gamer would be someone that does'nt take sides of any gaming company or console. They'll get their favorite games and which ever console its on its the console they will buy. A gamer is a gamer. Anything that has to do with video games will consider u a gamer. And that is if u spend alot of money and time on gaming. And yes you are right about one thing that some people do not know about Sony's Decision changes ''NOT lies'' Decision changes. And again. Graphics are'nt everything. The PS2 has proved it and it still is now. For example, how about girls? Would u pick a girl that is really good looking but has a horrible personality or a decent looking girl with a wonderful personality. Games graphics but bad storyline- Good looking girl with a bad personality vs Decent graphics and best story line= decent looking girl with a great personality. You see?

This is how I see it

How much people will get a PS3?

Sony fanboys (All of them) Hardcore gamers (Alot of them) People who don't know of the negative things that happened to Sony (Alot of them) MS fanboys (Some of them) Nintendo fanboys (Alot of them) True gamers (All of them) People that will eventually buy a PS3 in the future 3 years, 4 years, 5 years later? (A whole lot) So if you think about it. X Box only sold a little over 30million. After they sell over 15Million units of X Box 360 I guarentee you it will slow down. Because if u noticed, some people that were new on X Box noticed that all of the X box games sucked except for Halo 1 and the overrated and overhyped Halo 2. You're not gonna convince over 190million people to be an X Box 360. Especially when most of their favorite franchises WILL be on the PS3. Give this war 3 years you will see the difference. Also I heard a rumor that The PS4 will go quad GPU! The future is almost here, with The PLAYSTATION 3!

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blackmagic5864d ago

The one Major thing the article forgot to point out in that timeline is the month that the launch was delayed from spring to winter 2006. pretty good summation otherwise.

Sometimes, I think Sony's own PR does more 'trust' damage than anything. How many times have things slipped out only to have the PR dept. walk in and tell us all we 'misunderstood' what they said then a few days or weeks later they confirm it. To me, that's like having someone blatantly calling me stupid.

tackleb0x5864d ago

They left out the lies about the release date. HDMI, 1080p "true high def", etc. Or how they ripped on MS for releasing 2 sku and then do the same thing.

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