Naughty Dog interested in PlayStation Network "The PlayStation Network has opened up a lot of interesting opportunities for developers, says Naughty Dog's Evan Wells.

In a live text interview with our sister site,, the company's co-president said that PSN was definitely something they were interested in.

"I think it could come in handy during some of the transitional roll over periods between games if there hasn't been enough pre-production work done to get started on the next big project," Wells explained.

Although Wells did not elaborate, Naughty Dog could use PSN to provide downloadable content for their latest game, Uncharted, even while working on a sequel. The developer also included medal points in Uncharted, expecting that they could eventually be attached to Home".

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gamesblow3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

The PSN as a whole is good for gaming and blu-ray. The benefit of the ps3 as a blu-ray player is infinite... See, with firmware... you'll never have an outdated Blu-ray player. And that is tops. People need to think about this when buyin. However, on topic.. Naughtydog is a great team. They've just made the best gameI've ever played and to see them work on something smaller would be a disservice to their talents. I'd hate to see them tone down a project to fit it onto PSN... let other companies do that. Just give me more unlockables, achievements and medals and relics to find and obtain and accomplish in Uncharted... not that the 1000 you had wasn't great!

ichimaru3989d ago

Hope they do something kool, like a drake psn sidestory.

Shankle3989d ago

They've already been talking about episodic content, so it's likely we'll be seeing not just side stories but whole new adventures!

HarryEtTubMan3989d ago

Home is going to be revolutionary.

gamesblow3989d ago

I love how people are disagreeing with what I said. Any and I mean "ANY" logical person can see my statment was logical. Ps3 as a blu-ray player is more functional than any blu-ray player on the market, or so has the potential to be. Anytime a new blu-ray player comes out with a new feature, odds are Sony will be able to incorporate it into their ps3's blu-ray player.

Anyone who disagrees is a "scared of their console of choise purchase ANAL LEAK."

Shankle3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

What you're assuming there is that people are disagreeing with your opinion that the ps3 is a great blu ray player. I would have thought that they were disagreeing with your far more controversial opinion that uncharted is the best game you ever played. Of course, they don't really have a right to disagree with that, seeing as no one knows which games you have and haven't played but you. However, lots of people are going to disagree with you that uncharted is one of the best games ever. These are of course people who haven't played the demo ;)

Tryst3989d ago

Gamesblow - just ignore the Xbots.

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