BootHammer: Resident Evil 4 HD Review - Survival Horror at its best.

For those unfortunate few that missed this classic, now is your chance to experience it and for the first time in HD. It still lives up to one of the best survival horror games found on any platform. Prepare yourself gamers, dim the lights, crank the surround sound and get ready to witness the best survival horror action in town.

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Philoctetes3212d ago

Almost done with my first run on the PS3 version, having beaten the PS2 version 15-20 times. This port looks great and the gameplay is still as much fun as ever. Fantastic game and easily worth $20, even for those of us who played the hell out of previous releases.

BootHammer3212d ago

I couldn't agree more man! For the price, any RE fan would be crazy not to jump all over this =) I've ran through it numerous times too and it's still an absolute blast.

AngryXboxGuy3212d ago

Man RE is number 1 in my book!!!!!!! Great review once again..

BootHammer3212d ago

It is no doubt one of the best series of all time ;)

Ramas3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Survival Horror at its best?!?!?! how dare you......
try silent hill, fatal frame, clock tower and resident evil 1. Then you might understand what survival horror means

BootHammer3212d ago

Played them all my friend...great games too! ;) And RE 1 started it all. I still remember walking through one of the first hallways and having one of those blasted zombie dobermans crash through the window and coming after me!

LightSamus3212d ago

If you've played them all, you'll know that Resi 4 is barely survival horror. Don't get me wrong, I adore RE4 as much as the next Resi fan but it's more third person shooter than survival horror.

Ghost1073212d ago

You seem stuck in the past where tank controls rule. Get with the times. RE had to change it was getting stale and people were ready to quit the series after RE0 got poor reviews.

It's called progress.

Venox20083212d ago

yes, that's true.. RE 4 is more an action shooter with horror elements like Dead Space... true survival horror is in RE1, RE:make (my favourite RE), RE0, RE: code veronica, RE2, RE3 ..SH (all of them) and Fatal frame (1-4) bad there aren't a lot good survival horror games in these days.. :/

Ghost1073212d ago

It doesn't get much better than RE4. It's one of those games that only comes around every ten years or so.