Steam Deal Of The Day- GUN

Steam’s deal of the day for September 25th is GUN. Also the sale will end in 24 hours, hence the “deal of the day”, so you have until 1pm EST or 10am PST tomorrow to grab this deal. Below is a description on the game as well as some important information.

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Laxman2163212d ago

Loved this game. Would love a sequel of some sort.

Legion3212d ago

It was a fun game but got eclipsed by the Red Dead Series.

Hufandpuf3212d ago

i remember playing this game. If they do make a sequel though, people might think they would be trying to cash in from Red Dead, but it wouldn't be because this was before red dead redemption.

Legion3212d ago (Edited 3212d ago )

Actually Red Dead Revolver came out prior to Gun in 2004, while Gun came out in 2005.

Red Dead Redemption was just a spiritual successor to 2004's Red Dead Revolver.

At the time people commented on Gun playing off of Red Dead Revolver's style. Both games had mixed reviews with critics. Gun did well being an early game in the launch of Xbox 360.

Hufandpuf3212d ago

I said it was before red dead redemption, not revolver.

Legion3212d ago

Yes, I see that you said prior to Red Dead Redemption and not Revolver. Just pointing out time frames and that Revolver and Gun already had similar reference to each other.

And that your post simply implied that Gun shouldn't be thought of as a cash in was because it came out prior to Redemption... I was pointing out that the series of Red Dead began with Revolver which was before Gun. Nothing personal.