Ants In My PSP

SarcasticGamer: "In preparation for the upcoming Marvel Blockbuster movie Ant Man!, Dr. Hank Pym is coming to the PSP! Journey with the man of micro stature as he battles through the horrifying world of insects! Using his wondrous ability to shrink and talk to bugs, Ant Man promises to bring a whole new standard of "quality" to the already critically acclaimed group of Marvel inspired video games.

When asked why they decided to go with Ant Man as their next big star, Marvel had this to say: "We took a long hard look at the huge roster of Marvel characters. At first we were considering a King Of Monsters style game featuring Apocalypse, or perhaps a love story RPG involving She-Hulk. A skateboarding title featuring Jubilee was even on the board for a little while. But in the end we went with someone we know has an absolutely minuscule fan base. So, if we screw up, no one will care!""

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jinn3987d ago

PSP is made of ant poop

stuntman_mike3987d ago

i'll never like ant man after what he did in marvel zombies, lol!

@jinn your brain must be made of it too!