RAGE: "Kudos to Sony for letting us" do 8GB install on PS3- id Software

"When asked about the 8 GB install on the PS3 and why RAGE decided to go with it, Willits said, praising Sony for their developer friendly views"

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OllieBoy4380d ago

Hope it pays off. I don't want to see sub-HD resolution, screen tearing, or any other annoying faults that third-parties look over on PS3.

NukaCola4380d ago

There is the carnival games footage on the PS Blog. It looks great and is running at a solid 60 frames. The PS3 version is a great choice. It has the manditory install, but id said it will run better than the 360 uninstalled. For the 360 to run like the PS3, it will require a full install of each disc, which requires ether installing both or having to install disc 1, unionstalling as you move to disc 2, and then installing disc 3 just to play the MP at it's best. So as much as the 360 got love from RAGE, the PS3 seems to be getting the most convient console set up. And it looks great on PS3 too. Sony and id put together a winner here. I think id deserves the praise like Valve got, for putting the time in to make the PS3 version phenomenal.

Death4380d ago

8 gig installs, full disc I the only one here that can see HDD installs are the way to go? DVD is too small for some of todays games and BR is too slow for others.


Dark_king4380d ago

@Death Its not blu ray thats to slow just the slow drive in the PS3.Bluray is actually able to be quite fast.So expect a 12x BD next gen to be plenty fast enough.

kikizoo4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

even in the ps3, the relatively slwo player, is faster to stream anything than the dvd player of the others consoles, so...stop talking about that ridiculous point.

LOL@stupid mandatory install argument, and others lies "ps3 guys spend 45 min installing" LOL, it's 5 minutes or less most of the time...and loading times are = to xbox (where install are also mandatory and larger : with smaller hdd !, if you want to kill the ugly noise from the dvd access)

da_2pacalypse4380d ago

I have a 250 gig hardrive, I have no problem installing all 3 discs and getting the better experience on the xbox 360

sjaakiejj4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

It's not just BluRay that's too slow. Optical drives in general are too slow for games, and they present significant bottlenecks.

In a game textures have to be loaded in a fraction of a second for the best quality. An optical drive comes no where near the speed required for loading the textures in the required amount of time. They work around it by allowing textures to be delayed, e.g. popup.

Installing a game dramatically decreases popup, simply because a hard drive, though (too) slow still, is a couple of orders magnitude faster than an optical drive.

The problem is particularly serious in a game like Rage, as the size of textures is a few times bigger than the average game. To load that much data from an optical drive is very slow, so the game becomes much more memory intensive as the developer will try to keep as much data as possible in the main memory. There are ways to get around it, but expect very significant popup.

JsonHenry4379d ago

I think console gamers should embrace the install. Especially if that little bit of time it takes to install means a better end product and faster load times.

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CGI-Quality4380d ago

Those negatives plague both HD consoles from time to time.

OT: Can't wait! I've wanted this since it was first unveiled years ago! Something tells me the wait was worth it!

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SuperStrokey11234380d ago

well it better be the better version then...

Death4380d ago

Does one have to be better to be fun?


silvacrest4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )

no, but if you have the opportunity to buy either, you will obviously want the superior version

Dark_king4380d ago

Actually yes one has to be better.The systems are not equal so the games shouldn't be equal.PC gamers don't want their version equal to consoles.The more powerful console should always be the better of the two or the developers look bad.

SuperStrokey11234380d ago

Who said that at all Death? All im saying is taht if you are going to do something like this you sure better make sure it is the better version.

Darkspade4380d ago

Sony shouldn't have any say so, If the Dev Company needs 15gb to make there game run right it should be a given..

yesmynameissumo4380d ago

Then the devs should have their own platform to have that type of control.

Amplitude4380d ago (Edited 4380d ago )


Like a PC?
I don't like PC gaming in the slightest, but i do agree that on both the 360 and the ps3, developers should have 100% control of their games as long as it doesn't interfere with security.

But thats the thing. If the devs required a 15GB install, I'm sure Sony wouldn't say no (well maybe. That would be huge haha). Sales of the game would be pretty low though.

Then again, theres clearly ways around it. Installing individual chapters seemed to work fine for MGS4.

NarooN4380d ago

Like a PC, which is what the game was mainly done on lol. Console users should be glad they even got this game. I'll be getting it on PC myself. Sony is known for letting devs have leeway in doing things the way they wanna do them, which is great. The PS3 and PSP became open platforms.

sjaakiejj4379d ago

It's Sony's platform. There are certain restrictions that apply, so that not every game that releases requires a 15gb install, as that would decrease potential game sales, as people would only be able to play 4 different games at a time with a 60 GB console.

There have to be rules to promote equality and sales of a platform.

Der_Kommandant4380d ago

The waiting is the hardest part

Xalaris4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

Very interesting input.