BBC News Q&A Wii Shortages

BBC News: "High street retailers are struggling to keep up with demand for Nintendo's popular Wii console - threatening Christmas disappointment for some.

Nintendo UK's Rob Saunders answers readers' questions on the issue.

Q: Having planned ahead and purchased my Wii in September, I have sympathy for those suffering at the hands of unscrupulous retailers. Does anyone know if there is a similar shortage of Wii games?
David, Fife, Scotland

As far as we are aware there are currently no problems in purchasing Wii software titles. Some retailers may experience very minor shortages of in-demand titles, but overall there is a healthy supply of software in the market".

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gta_cb3991d ago

it isnt BS i know because i have been looking to get a Wii for my family for a couple months now, about 4 days ago Blockbusters got 1 Nintendo Wii in and i managed to get my name taken down a couple months back so they phoned me up and i went down and bought it.

so yeah not BS there is a lot of shortages of Wiis across the UK

Froogles3992d ago

Not BS. There is shortages all over the UK. I should know,I also live there. You can't even get hold of one in Nottingham,or in the majority of the East Midlands,actually.

3992d ago
tom15953991d ago

New Zealand has so many bloody wii's they get all dusty in the store rooms of the shops! honestly! no one buys them here. its cos Nintendo does NO marketing. silly nintendo.

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