Adventure Time creator thinks the best games have stories

We've already heard a lot from Pendleton Ward, creator of the hit show Adventure Time, about his interest in making a game based on the property. Up until now, I was excited about the prospect of an Adventure Time game. Now I'm not so sure.

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JellyJelly2579d ago

Depends on the game really. And the gameplay. FIFA 12 and Forza Motorsport 4 wouldn't gain much from having stories.

Quagmire2579d ago

Would you honestly consider racing or sports games to be your number 1 favourite game ever? they may be awesome at what they do, but in no way are they considered to be the most memorable games.

JellyJelly2579d ago

That's completely subjective. My favourite games of all time does not include sports or racing games but I know a lot of people who would cite certain FIFA, NHL, COD or Gran Turismos as some of the best games they've ever played.

Some of the best games I've played myself didn't have any fleshed out stories. There's a great possibility Battlefield 3 will be one of the best games I've ever played and it probably won't be because of it's engaging storyline.

newn4gguy2579d ago

Still though. It would be a breath of fresh air if DICE could give us an engaging story. I like the characters of BF:BC 1 & 2, but the stories were always so weak. I want to feel BAD for the characters. If I can feel bad for a guy who killed his own family (Kratos), I should be able to at least connect with some military bros.

newn4gguy2579d ago

Freakin' A!!! I love Pendleton!

He's right and wrong. My favorite game of all-time is Heavy Rain. However...I enjoy a game like Just Cause 2, that has possibly the WORST story in a game this generation. Why? The gameplay is addicting. That being said, if it had a good story, I'd love it more. Actually, if it had a WORSE story, I'd love it more. It could become the Birdemic/Troll 2 of the video game world.

Why do people enjoy Uncharted and Gears of War so much? Sure, they both have great multi-player, but read the reviews. Most of them talk about how great the story is!

George Sears2579d ago

It's Adventure Time!!!

I watch his show, so what?

Shackdaddy8362578d ago

I do too and I'm 21 :P. I also watch Pokemon from time to time... I never want to grow up!

fr00ty-wizenhymer2579d ago

This article is pretty dumb. BUT an Adventure Time game would make an excellent Action RPG. The whole show is basically set in a fantasy role playing world anyway. And the show actually has some pretty decent lore.

I'd love to see an open world (at least semi-openworld) Adventure Time Action/Adventure RPG. The show has so many great locations, characters, and enemies. And the quests would be very interesting being that each episode of the show is basically a quest. Imagine that, having quests as epic as the episodes in the game. I could go on and on, I always think about it when I watch the show.

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The story is too old to be commented.