Five Cancelled Titles That Were Overhauled to Become New Games

E-mpire Writes: Don’t you hate it when you begin anticipating a newly announced game then all connections to the game is somehow lost? Then after months and months of wanting to hear even just a smidget of news, you find out the game is cancelled? You become upset the title was cancelled because you really wanted to play it, but there’s just no hope of ever seeing it. Did you know that you may be playing that game right now not even consciously aware of it? Some of those infamous cancelled titles are actually overhauled into new games entirely. These are some of those games.

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Rainstorm813205d ago

Marvel Super Squad Online.....What a waste...SMH

SilentNegotiator3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

"I feel there’s some sort of strange stigma around this title. Why? In 2009, after the disputes, Gazillion Entertainment gained a 10-year contract with Marvel Comics to develop video games for the company. Their first title? Marvel: Super Hero Squad Online"

I could vomit for days after reading this.

I would have rather had Black 2 than Bodycount. By a lot.

It's too bad BC never got finished.

ATi_Elite3205d ago

Canceled Title: Project: Van Buren became Fallout 3.

Yep cause FPS shooter became all the rage and Bethesda got a whiff of STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl.

I wish they would complete and release the old school fallout 3 to pay homage to Fallout 1 and 2.

KendrickGLS3205d ago

I hate it when games get cancelled!

fr0sty3205d ago

Sometimes it's for the better that they do. Though sometimes (like with eight days) it looks like a lot of potential wasted.

stonecold33205d ago

eight days the getaway 3 eyeidentify dirty harry killing days heist indiana jones

RankFTW3205d ago

Did you just write whatever came into your head?

L6RD7BLU33205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

MAN! Getaway 3 would have been EPIC! it's a shame

fr0sty3205d ago

these games do cost a lot of money to make, so it's a big risk to take, but i damn sure would have bought it.

guitarded773205d ago

Is that one epic game title, or did you just fail to use punctuation and capitalization?

KendrickGLS3205d ago

True Crime Hong Kong, Voodoo Nights, and Gun Loco would have been awsome! It's a shame I won't ever get a chance to play them.

nolifeking3205d ago

Didn't someone pick up True Crime: Hong Kong?

andron3205d ago

Square Enix picked up True Crime Hong Kong, but it will probably be renamed as Activision still hold the rights to the True Crime name...

nolifeking3205d ago


Thanks for the info. I thought the franchise was purchased so that the True Crime name would still be attached.

guitarded773205d ago

Wow, I didn't know Gun Loco got cancelled... sad. Star Wars Battlefront 3 was the saddest though.

nolifeking3205d ago


As much as I loved Battlefront, Starhawk looks to be better than whatever that may have been.

Johnny_Cojones3205d ago

No Van Buren really blows, but I do dig Bethesda's take on the franchise.

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The story is too old to be commented.