Do you think any Mario game could ever match the legacy of Mario 64?

Mario 64 is considered by many fans to be the pinnacle of the Mario series. N-Europe gives their views on the many Mario episodes in the series and if any can live up to Mario 64.

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BIoodmask4013d ago (Edited 4013d ago )

that any future Mario game will never be greater than Mario 64, but in my opinion it is still the best in the series.

It was the first game ever to prove that the transition from 2-D to 3-D could lead to good things. Not to mention it brought the use of the analog stick to console platformers.

I would never rate a game as perfect, but Super Mario 64 was about as close as one could possibly get. Super Mario Galaxy sure has a lot to live up to.

Jdoki4013d ago

Absolutely agree Bloodmask...

Mario Galaxy is great, but Mario 64 was one of those special gaming moments.

OOG FunK4013d ago

well put totally agree the only time I think we really seen what the future was gonna be and totally blew everyone away

mesh14013d ago

the 2d marios were better than mario 64 mario 3 was awesome fox tale bowser's ship even just how the map was interactive was amazing mario 64 didn't play it seemed tooooo dul

xplosneer4013d ago

I totally agree. Galaxy is great(my bro just got it today) and the very best Mario (and game in general) for a long while. But Mario 64 is just that one game that still rocks.

sonarus4013d ago

Look at how much the transition from 2D to 3D did for mario 64. All the new moves mario got the many innovative ways to get stars a lot of stuff like that. I havnt played the full mario galaxy but i have played a bit of it and it comes close but its more of an expansion to mario 64 than a reinvention to the series. Unless we start playing mario in a virtual world or sumthin i dnt think any game can re invent mario like mario 64 did. All of marios moves returned in galaxy but i didnt really see any new moves besides the wii mote thigs

JsonHenry4013d ago

When super Mario goes virtual reality, then maybe. But until then, there is only one 1st time, and the first time Mario Went 3D was something special most of us would agree is going to be hard to recapture.

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BlaCkMaRK7144013d ago

mario 64 was revolutionary not only to platformers but to gaming in general.

no other mario game will ever have an impact the likes of what mario 64 had

UltramanJ4013d ago

It's not nearly as good as SMB3,4 or Yoshi's Island in my opinion.

DethWish4013d ago

Mario 3 does already tbh

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