3D Gaming is a Passing Fad. Or is It?

Prominent and respected industry developers are beginning to recognize the potential of the third dimension.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx3204d ago

I don't think it's a Fad and it looks like it really could work.

Personally i don't use 3d because i get a massive headache in a matter of minutes but it seems good for those who don't.

gogospeedracer3203d ago

It will take time...lots of time for it to catch on and honestly, I'm not sure if it will. Using 3D movies as an example, they have been pulling in less and less money.

buckley3203d ago

It's not quite the same situation, though. With movies, you are a spectator. Games are interactive, and that could make a significant difference.

Anon19743203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

@ StolenSoul. That's not a good sign. The American Optometric Association said 3D is safe for everyone and if you have problems, that's not normal.

"Difficulties with appreciating 3D in movies, TV and Nintendo's 3DS, or discomfort when engaging in these activities may be an important sign of undetected vision disorders."

You probably want to mention this to your optometrist.

I was just in Costco today and they had a 53"(I think. It was over 50") LG LED TV for about $1500 that used the passive glasses and the rep said it even worked with the cheap glasses from the theater. I watched a scene from the Polar Express for awhile and admit that I came away pretty damn impressed. I didn't realize that 3D TV's had got so cheap either, or that the ones that used the passive glasses were even out yet.

ATi_Elite3202d ago

Passing Fad! Just like everything 3D has ever involved. It will return in a few years!

Imax movies are here to stay but 3D gaming will just be an option that very few will take advantage of unless it's GLASSLESS 3D!

I have a Nvidia 3D surround set-up but i rarely play with the dam glasses on cause it's DUMB and i have to take them off to look at other stuff.

TyrionL3202d ago

Man I am with you 100% man. 3D gives me a headache too, and I hate it. I wish it didn't because I do think it's an awesome effect, but I don't see it becoming the standard, ever. I don't think I know anyone with a huge interest in it. I don't think I know anyone besides myself with a 3D TV. I could be wrong though, who knows. I try it ever now and then to see if I can watch it without the headache, but I guess I just wasn't designed with 3D in mind.

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gypsygib3204d ago

Watching movies, I used to think 3D was a gimmick but after playing games in 3D, I admit, it makes the world soooo much more immersive.

I'm all for 3D.

Norad63203d ago

Sony is betting everything on Uncharted 3 to show everyone what 3D gaming should be (when done right).

Personally, I'm buying a 3DTV to Play U3. I have friends who tried it out at E3 this year and said it was unbelievable!

gumchewinasskikr3203d ago

I've played most of the available games on Ps3 in 3d since the beginning and let me tell you that in the last year they have made improvements in the effects and their new glasses, which are cheaper, makes the image sharper with much less crosstalk and no pressure on eyes.

I think the tech will get better and better.

So far I would say Tumble, motorstorm Apocalypes and the gow origins collection, especially Ghost of Sparta will make you a believer.

gypsygib3203d ago

Never played Tumble but Motorstorm and GOW origins does 3D really well.

Sadly, Killzone 3s is pretty bad. Crysis 2 had great looking 3D too, even if it isn't 'real' (don't care, as long as it looks good)

gumchewinasskikr3200d ago

I have a feeling Uncharted 3 will be the showcase this year.

Sobari3203d ago

I love 3D in very expansive games where you can see way off into the horizon.

JsonHenry3203d ago

^^ Yep. Fallout New Vegas in 3D is simply awesome. Played a few other games and it works well in 3D, but like you said- massive worlds just seem more fitting when viewed in 3D.

JsonHenry3203d ago

I think that 3D is the future. But I think the current state will not bring that future forward. I know too many people that get headaches or nausea from it. Then still more others that don't like wearing glasses.

When monitors and TVs start making 3D that works without the need for glasses I think is the day 3D will be the standard.

Rainstorm813203d ago

But people have the same problems with the 3DS glasses less tech....maybe 3D just doesnt work for some people.

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