WorthPlaying reviews Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for PS3

Duty 4 is not a tactical shooter; it's certainly not a strategic military title. It is, especially in the short yet not brief single-player campaign, a roughly eight-hour fight to stay alive by you and your squadmates, your allied combatants. Staying this side of giving too much away, not all of you are going to make it, either. In terms of gameplay, very little you do matters. Save for the fact your assault team's forward movement is sometimes triggered by your arrival at waypoints, and also that you are often assigned the key role in objective tasks, like planting and detonating C4, you could hide behind a wall the whole time, and your actions would have no influence on the outcome of the game. Indeed, on the campaign's higher difficult settings, this would be the smartest decision you'll ever make in a game. Otherwise, you're going to die.

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Real Gambler3987d ago

I could have written it myself. Bang on in my book

macalatus3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

...I would rather have the idea of having few online people with mics.
The reasons:
1) Annoying 12-year olds claiming to be experts
2) Annoying 12-year olds saying stupid things
3) People making strange noises
4) MS fanboys talking trash about PS3 and PSN while playing ON A PS3
5) White supremacists bragging about the quality of their noose hanging off their backyard trees and ganging up on people with unmistakable black voice
6) Anti-war liberals berating people for playing an "American-propaganda military game" while remaining ignorant about "innocents" getting killed elsewhere (happened once while playing GRAW 2)

True...but in some other games, you don't know who's "talking sh!t" such as GRAW 2 for the PS3 (you only know who's got the mic in the lobby). I tried to mute them off, but first I have to play a "guessing game" of who's who. Sure, you can mute them off in Resistance, but some "chat trollers" take advantage of some games where they can talk stupid stuff anonymously.

ddldave3987d ago

i have xbox 360 and those things happen on xbl, i never knew it happens on the ps3 too. crazy.

games4fun3987d ago

that there is an option like in resistance to turn of all other players microphones problem solved.

SabreMan3987d ago

you hear so much bull on PSN or Xbox Live that half the time i would rather hear no one talking, altho i am lucky in one respect to be part of a ps3 clan with about 40 members who i have a great laugh with.

It can be good if you game with the right people or fall lucky in a certain game, altho i have been going solo on cod4 stat whoring and at times it's just laughable the stuff you hear.
Some people are just potty mouthed baboons who have no clue about life or respectb for fellow gamers.

power of Green 3987d ago

The charactor the gamer plays can't take cover like the rest of the AI's, thats the only thing not tactical about to me. planting plastic explosives and throwing smoke and stunn grenades seems tactical to me(snipe this guy, plant this here, throw that there so we can make it through). You can't run and gun thats for sure, well not for very long anyways. Its a mix on a much grander scale than other shooters.

fopums3987d ago

I was talking with one of my instructors whos also a big COD4 fan, and that was our only real complaint, not being able to take cover and shoot blind fire like the AI team mates and enemies.

Im sure the reasoning is that it wasnt entirely needed, its a very functionable FPS without a cover system, and even though the player cant replicate the moves.

the blind firing, cover taking, and door kicking all add to the visual appeal of COD4. On my second play through Im noticing so many smaller details about the little animations that help make it great.

and ragtime warfare FTW!

power of Green 3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Yah the gamer not being able to take full cover was probably a smart move by IW due to the tempo they probably wanted for the gamers.

I was impressed with Killzone 2 *with somewhat* full cover system in a FPS.(blind fire in front of block etc, don't now about corner cover). COD4 is truley a next-gen title that has me jonezin for more only hours after I stop playing it. Best heated battles ever..

tony3987d ago

this must be the multiplatform of the year.

fopums3987d ago

or GOTY itself, only time will tell

ATLRoAcH3987d ago

I'm about done with the single player (been taking my sweet ass time).I also (finally) got to play some online multiplayer.This game is all around great.

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