Get your boss battles out of my Human Revolution

Carl B. of ponders why boss battles are even in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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guitarded773241d ago

Yeah, just picked this game up through amazon while they had it for $35... loving it. Very immersive.

AronDeppert3241d ago

Always thought this was a game I would enjoy, especially after I learned you don't have to be stealthy!

Moduserous3241d ago

Still need to play through this one.unfortunately gears of war happened

romancer3241d ago

If the boss battles were not developed by Eidos, as this article states, it makes me wonder all the more who was it that decided that such anachronistic sections were necessary for DE:HR?

If boss battles were necessary, they could have been much more imaginative (and in keeping with one's character) than the current ones are...

Reborn3241d ago

They were outsourced, apparently.

Even still, if they weren't favoured, then why not just change them to what would suit the game?

romancer3236d ago

I decided not to be concerned any more with Deus Ex issues or pseudo-issues.

Traded my game and got very little for it ($22.95; Gamestop; Paid $59.95 originally.)

Can't recall playing a game that depreciated so much, so quickly.

3240d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.