Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt - Forza 4 has "the best physics you can find around"

"TGL caught up with Dan Greenawalt, from Turn 10 studios, about what fans of the Forza franchise can expect from Forza 4. Speaking openly about Kinect support, the introduction of Halo’s iconic Warthog and the improvements made since the previous outing, Turn 10’s latest Forza title faces criticism under a microscopic lense like never before."

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MaxXAttaxX3210d ago

Didn't they say that about Forza 3 as well? All cars ended up having permanent active-steering.

2pacalypsenow3210d ago

didnt he say that about Forza 3 too? ang GT5 shitted on it?

dirthurts3210d ago

Both games had fine physics.
You probably never played Forza I'm guessing...

2pacalypsenow3210d ago

i have both forza 2 and 3 and the GT5 physics were way better

dirthurts3210d ago

In what way are they noticeably better? Because...I didn't see it.

dirthurts3209d ago

If you can't say anything to back up your claim that it's better, than your claim is worthless.

Micro_Sony3210d ago

How old are you?

I want to say your over 27 but you comments proves me wrong.

No Way3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Now now, if I'm not mistaken didn't GT5 come out like .. a year after Forza 3?
So, I'm sorry; I'm rather confused. What exactly is your point? Is you just trolling?

Hicken3210d ago

And which one was in development first? So I'm sorry. I'm rather confused.

No Way3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

If I'm not mistaken, wouldn't that be GT5? What's that got to do with anythin?
The game; GT5 had a whole year to improve on the 'physics' over Forza 3.
So, I'm sorry; I'm rather confused. Is that too hard for you to comprehend?

Legion3210d ago

I would not call GT5 collision physics realistic at all. What are you getting at... been a Fanboy long?

GT5 has had some very realistic aspects to it... but the physics was not one of 'em. You have just to watch this video and tell me how the bumper car effect is in any way realistic physics in work? And I love the way the car is taking out those cement blocks and treating them like cardboard cutouts.

Geriatric Hero3210d ago

Those red and white blocks aren't cement, they're made out of plastic and can be filled with water to add weight and help absorb the force of an impact. Tire barriers and even stacks of hay are commonly used for the same purpose. Concrete blocks wouldn't be very helpful in the event of a collision. You've never actually been in a temporary urban circuit to watch a race?

Legion3209d ago

Good point in identifying the crash barriers as plastic filled with water and/or sand. Makes sense compared to the cement barriers we used in the military to actually prevent vehicles from entering an area.

But after looking up the specifics on these devices they are meant to substantially reduce the speed of the vehicle to allow for safe crashes. Note in the video that speed did not slow down at all. And the crash barriers weren't harmed in the least. They were purely card board looking displays. Realistic? Not in the physics of it that is for sure.

Legion3209d ago

And to your "You've never actually been in a temporary urban circuit to watch a race?", actually no I have only been to my uncles drag racing when I was younger and didn't pay too much attention to the barriers. I had pulled security at some race tracks in California but once again I was not paying attention to the race or the track as much as the crowd.

My initial thoughts on the barriers being cement were purely intuitive and should have had some reasoning behind it. Instantly flashed back to cement barriers we used for road blocking (we called them door stops).

4023210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

physics wasn't GT5's strongest point and this is a forza article so what are you talking about ?

lets wait till forza 4 releases and see for ourselves shall we. forza 4 is already looks much better than forza 3 did in every department(lighting, car models, textures etc) so I'm expecting a step up in the physics.

Legion3209d ago

The article is about physics and Forza. I am assuming you couldn't tell that I was replying directly to the "GT5 shitted on it?" remark above? And a few others under him referencing GT5 as being what they think good physics are.

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RBdrift3210d ago (Edited 3210d ago )

Well he should let the people decide that for them selfs because last time he said that it was straight bull$hit from his a$$.

scofios3210d ago

^^^ So did he this time.

5119ent3210d ago

Gt is the stagnated...but it is the standard...forza is also stagnated...

The_Game21x3210d ago

Meh, I'd be surprised if Forza 4 wasn't the most realistic console racing game out there when it releases. While I think GT5's physics were slightly better than Forza 3's (purely on driving, the crash physics were terribly off in GT5), Forza 3 was damn close. With all of the improvements that have been made to Forza 4, Turn 10 will have to mess up pretty badly not to be better than GT5.

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