DICE on Why the Battelfield 3 Beta Is So Late

Karl-Magnus Troedsson, General Manager at Dice, answered a few tough questions regarding the date of the Battlefield 3 beta.

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Nitrowolf23215d ago

well glad they went with the open beta rather then just closed

TheBeast3215d ago

If they had another closed one I swear to god...

2fk3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

yea me 2 however i wish we MOH LE owners would have had a week early at least...oh well still thankful to be part of the beta =)

hamburger1233215d ago

Yeah atleast they have a beta, unlike that other shooter...

Errod883215d ago

lol what could that be let me think. :D

TheFirstClassic3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

That other shooter doesn't need a beta, its just the same multiplayer from the other games, just slightly modified.

Bull5hifT3214d ago (Edited 3214d ago )

Phone 'er Doom: Futuristic Intergalactical Space Wars..... .;) this year it uses the same Engine but it takes place on Jupiter , and theres even More (Cheeeea...** PERKS.. So it makes the game more Realistic

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miDnIghtEr20C_SfF3214d ago

Agreed. This is a demo. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It's a demo.

And if this is a beta, and not a demo, then Forza 4's early October Demo...errr.. is really a Forza 4 beta right?

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omi25p3215d ago

It cant be a beta this far along in the development cycle

Criminal3215d ago

Yeah it's more like a demo with a beta label on it. I'm just glad we'll play it soon.

Mister_V3215d ago

I just hope it's not too buggy.

BattleAxe3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

I'm tired of these glorified demos being called Betas. I don't think I've ever seen a game play differently after a beta. What you see is what you get. Resistance 3 is a perfect example.

Elwenil3215d ago

MAG was a fine example of a Beta being used as an actual Beta. There were many changes from the Beta to the finished game.

Mister_V3215d ago

I'm not calling Crysis 2 an amazing multiplayer game, but there were some major differences between their "demo" and the final product. I thought that was pretty cool

RedDead3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

More of a stress test demo. If the stress on the server ain't so bad, it a demo, if it's too a beta. Lets not forget, ain't the release version so it'll still have those graphical quirks that present in a beta rather than the final build (of decent games :/ )

evrfighter3215d ago (Edited 3215d ago )

yup this is a demo with a beta label slapped on as to give them something to blame should there be a lot of naysayers.

imo you lose all rights of calling it a beta you're promised access to it if you buy another game. DICE says we should feel privileged. I don't feel that way at all. I bought a product which stated i was gonna be in beta. So i damn well better be in beta regardless.

ShoryukenII3215d ago

Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 beta had some noticeable issues. They fixed them in Uncharted 2 and I expect the same in Uncharted 3. Those are examples of devs actually using it as a beta. There was also a Journey beta. But yes, most "betas" are the final product.

BattleAxe3215d ago

@ ShoryukenII

I agree with you on that point, but Naughty Dog is a quality developer which as we all know, there isn't that many of those around these days. Heck, Naughty dog kept experimenting with "The Lab" for quite some time after the game released.

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Pandamobile3215d ago

It's not the release build of the game, so it's still beta.

Criminal3215d ago

Yes, DICE did say that the final build is already different than the beta build.

hadriker3215d ago

We should trust your opinion due to your vast experience in the development cycle of AAA game titles.

omi25p3215d ago

Didnt say you should. Im saying id be worried if they were still in the beta stage of the game this close to launch. I mean they still arent going to have enough time to fix any problems in the game and still launch it in time

2fk3214d ago

yea definitely a demo with tweaks here and the after the Beta...the best beta this year was Gears of war 3 they actually changed up two maps and solved some issues.

REALgamer3214d ago

Exactly. Usually at least 3 weeks before a game's release date the code is already locked down and sent off for disc production.

Any new data they get during the 'beta' will at best be a day 1 patch (see: Resistance 3).

Really it is a multiplayer demo. Only a few non-MMO games seem to put much stock in doing a proper beta such as the recent Halo games. As part of my research thesis I've been looking at some of the Halo 3 beta results, and the amount and precision of the data collected is mind-blowing.

Ser3214d ago

Wow, you guys. If the FINAL BUILD is not present in the beta, (which it ISN'T) then it is in fact still a beta.

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zeal0us3215d ago

Its still a beta, even though the development period is about 1month before release. The only thing that could be fix is minor bugs and glitches. Since you only getting a small part of the game, some to most game crashing bugs can't be fix/found seeing as you given access to the full game.

DigitalRaptor3214d ago

And very importantly... server load.

BeOneWithTheGun3214d ago

This, my friend is what is going to make or break it. If the servers hold true, this game will be a champion. If it is a laggy mess like gears 2, then I will be reeeeeally pissed.

Grizzl33215d ago

If nothing else, they will be able to glean some info about matchmaking, and tweak that.

Criminal3215d ago

Exactly, after the game is open for the public, they'll be able to test matchmaking better.

ShoryukenII3215d ago

Who cares about match making. Consoles get a server browser! :]

jessupj3214d ago

I didn't know there were doing that. That is awesome!

Well done DICE, even more stocked for this game now.

AO1JMM3215d ago

Demo! Beta! Who cares? I just want to play it damn it!

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