Jade Raymond: Caught in the Crossfire

The Angry Pixel writes: "Jade Raymond, producer of Assassin's Creed, is one sad panda these days. And if Jade ain't happy, UbiSoft is mad. After all, she and her team delivered one spectacular baby in the form of Assassin's Creed. And if UbiHulk goes all green, it's very bad news for Something Awful, which found itself staring down the barrel of a lawsuit after someone posted a particularly tasteless comic of Jade trying to convince nerdy gamers to buy Assassin's Creed by giving them really messy head. While I love's reply to the lawsuit and think that's what you deserve for being a lawyer, I am aghast at some of the comments made by gamers worldwide in response to this."

"Suddenly, people are calling Jade 'a touchy bitch' and talk about how she was using her sex appeal to sell the game , to how UbiSoft was pimping her to sexually frustrated gamers to get them to buy the game."

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wil4hire3988d ago

So are Gamers worldwide supposed to be mature politicians? What do people expect when dialog between gamers go so far as:

"YOU GOT PWND [email protected]!!"
"Suck it down.."


I hate how the gaming community is going to take a hit for this jade raymond BS. For the most part the game community is fine, but once you unleash us all behind online anonymity.. theres no tellin what is going to be said or done.

FreeMonk3988d ago

If I was Jade Raymond I'd be more pissed about producing a game that doesn't meet the expectations that were promised when it was first announced than a crude comical image.

I've played through much of Assassin's, and it's the same thing on every mission. You climb towers to view your objectives, you pickpocket people, you eavesdrop on people, you save citizens, you help other assassin's collect flags, then you assassinate your target.

THEN YOU DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!! It's repetitive. Not matter how good the game looks or how well the game plays, the game is the same thing over every mission.

Surely they could of added a Rescue mission in where you have to save a fellow Assassin of the creed, or other ways to gather information, not the same damn things.

Also, why not get people off the street to do dialog for there characters than have the same person do the same woman citizen or male citizen over every area of the game. This isn't a small budget game, this is massive, surely they could afford a few more character actors to do different phrases for the different characters.

It's a good game, but very very flawed, and Jade and Ubisoft should be worried about short changing there customers over that a dodgy comic, because when the sequal arrives (which it will), most of us will be very sceptical of buying the sequal incase it plays like the original, which is something I will be doing.

I'm pretty pissed that I payed £40 for this game! Rent instead!

smturner683988d ago

Hey Wil4hire. You bring up the point that boys talk like retards to each other, trying to outdo each other with their taunts. That is definately NOT acceptable for an excuse. Neither is hiding behind anonymity. NOBODY should disrespect a woman like that. How would you like it if someone drew your mother or sister in this fashion? It's plain unacceptable. Who cares if your precious "gaming community is going to take a hit" for this? For you to defend it, you are embracing the part that offends. I am a game player, but don't feel I have to defend the entire community for it. The offender, and people who slander her, and say she deserved it, are the problems. Every individual should be responsible for their own actions. So, for you to defend some 'community' that you feel part of, and feel the need to defend it, makes you a total loser. I've thought that about you already because you use your gaming platform(ps3..we all know this about you) as a way to divide, just like a form of bigotry, similar to racism, and yep, you guessed it, SEXISM. You are a waste of space.

eLiNeS3987d ago

Did you take a look at the credits yet for this game? There are a ton of voice actors, more then you think. They had to find different voice actors for each language the game is made for, I believe 6 different languages in all. So give them a brake. Also, did you notice how huge the game is? It's huge and it's beautiful! There's lots to do thanks to the achievements if you have the 360 version and I have neglected all my other games to try and finish them all up. If you don't have the 360 version, I feel for you, you get a totally different feeling about games with achievements, hopefully the PS3 will get something similar soon, then I might think of getting one sooner then later.

FreeMonk3987d ago

I can understand that there are a lot of voice actors for the game, but surely they could of got the actors to do some different sentenaces for the citizens you save, and the citizens moving around the city. It drives me mad that something so simple can be messed up. It only a little part of the game, but hearing the same comment from the same woman twice in one city is bad enough, but over all the cities is a stupid decision.

Yes, the game is huge and will easily last a good 9-10 hours, maybe more if you go for all the citizen saves and complete all investigations, but isn't it a good idea for a game of this size to have a a little more varitey. Once you've got past the first mission, other than the story plot, you do the same thing OVER and OVER and OVER! It's repetitive.

I have the 360 version, but I'm not bothered about Achievements, so that section of the game is lost on me, but it sucks if your a PS3 player, because they don't get achievement, so the replayablity factor is low. Collecting 100 flags in one city is kinda lost on the PS3 version because you don't get anything for it.

I just think that the game is repetitive, which is it's major flaw, and that they could of added some more character sentences instead of re-using the same ones over and over, especially the one's that you HAVE to interact with to complete objectives. Games like Halo, Oblivion, Mass Effect all have managed it, so why not AC. It's just sloppy!

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radzy3988d ago

they (ubi) , in one way shape or form exploited her, because face it "sex sells".
i remember when she was taking us through the walkthrough of assassins creed. i think it was at gdc or tgs , when chasing talal and the assassin jumped on talal and stuck the knife in his neck in a swoop, jade's reaction was like "oh... ha ..........woooow!!!!!" and then a small giggle.
i swear it sounded like an orgasm.
she had it coming.(not literally speaking)

KeezNah3988d ago

She does come from Electric Playground, so I guess she's used to being a little more "active" in front of the cameras than the other developers / producers.

Let's not forget Ubi did screw up once with the Frag Dolls, but it's sad that the artist had to choose something so senseless to get his message across about Ubi "using" Jade.

smturner683988d ago

Hey, Radzy, you said " UBISOFTS FAULT !!!!!!!!!
they (ubi) , in one way shape or form exploited her, because face it "sex sells". "

This is a copout. You're not too bright, but not entirely unusual. Some football players at our U of Iowa just got busted for raping a woman too. So, anyway, according to your logic, when Epic games used Cliffy B to pimp their Gears of War game, and to use him, as the producer of the game, to be the 'face' and spokesperson for the game, they should have expected him to be sexually exploited? No, you're showing your disrespect for women. I could see someone that's gay being disrespectful to women. I mean, if you're straight, wouldn't you rever, and put women on pedestals? I guess not, if you think they're just for your pleasure and abuse. You are among the pathetic.

Also, Radzy, you said,

"i remember when she was taking us through the walkthrough of assassins creed. i think it was at gdc or tgs , when chasing talal and the assassin jumped on talal and stuck the knife in his neck in a swoop, jade's reaction was like "oh... ha ..........woooow!!!!!" and then a small giggle.
i swear it sounded like an orgasm.
she had it coming.(not literally speaking) "

I realize that you are trying to be witty, funny, or something here, but basically, you are using your play on words to essentially say what most rapists say to rape accusations. "SHE HAD IT COMING."
No woman deserves to be debased and degraded like this. She is a game producer. She is not in a porn movie asking for a load to be dumped on her. Get it straight. In normal society, you don't treat women as if they are porn stars, or like they are in your bedroom ready to submit to your sexual desires. By saying these things, you are showing that you are a loser as well. Show your mom your comments, see if she approves. If you're afraid to show your mother this, then you shouldn't be saying it ANYWHERE, including in here, because it's not acceptable in a gaming public forum. This is not the porn awards forum.

rushbd3987d ago

watching these agree and disagree counts. Jade's fault was she was too beautiful.

For the first time in my life I'm feeling ashamed to be in this crowd who calls themselves gamer.

Mighty Boom3987d ago

Your not going to meet a chic on this forum dude. Go to a bar or something. Save the captain save a hoe act for some other forum. Let me guess your vote is for Hillary. Assuming you can vote of course.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

How cute...

KeezNah3988d ago

See now, that, is very tasteful! For the most part, she does seem like a 12-year old kid when she's talking. I remember her saying something to the effect to "I would like to pet my horse too" and then burst out giggling. That's actually endearing. And she can pull it off, unlike the guys who usually talk about the guns and the blood and the other stuff we're all used to hearing about.

Sorta reminds me of Samantha Brown, impressed easily by all the things going on around her.

ultraviolentz3987d ago

pretty sure mature people prefer guns and blood to petting horses

thereapersson3988d ago

It brings out the worst in everyone

BIoodmask3988d ago

company figure that is used to represent a product. The only difference is the prepubescent filth that walks the planet can't control themselves when it comes to an attractive female in a marketing campaign.

Jade doesn't deserve to be treated the way she was. She has the credentials to be in the position she holds at Ubisoft.

The problem is with the immature public, not with Jade or Ubisoft. Some people just need to grow up and learn to have respect for women.

ry-guy3988d ago

Amen, Bloodmask. You deserve a bubble for that post.

To the others above (I'm looking at you wil4hire) I swear no one reads these articles anymore before commenting. Wil4hire, you did the same thing on a Ghostbusters article. Posted some junk when the article was written to the complete opposite to what you had to say about them.

In this case, I was completely unaware of who Jade Raymond was. I still would be if it were not for this lawsuit. Let's face it, is NOT known for their gaming community. This is not about the gaming community as a whole. It is aimed at some specific people, who I think justly deserve the finger pointed at them specifically.

In video games, the only sex that sells is with the video game characters. If you bought Assassin's Creed because of Jade Raymond's cuteness you are uninformed and just as guilty as Something Awful. The only reason her face was all over the interviews is because SHE was the game producer.

Why is no one going after Will Wright? You see his face all over Spore? Am I going to buy Spore because of Will Wright? No. I will buy Spore because it is a good game.

LONEWOLF2313988d ago

She doesn't deserve this type of treatment no women does!
And its true dude these F^&* need to grow the F%^& up.
Poor Jade, i hope these fools get whats coming to them!

PS360PCROCKS3987d ago

Amen. Thank god SOMEONE has some damn morals.

LeShin3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I may not agree with things you have posted in the past Bloodmask, but I totally agree with you on this point. You wonder why certain people and particular lawyer, think gamers are imbecilic retards with no morals when things like this happen. Saw some of the people defending the comic as well.....idiots. Please post a picture of your girlfriends or better yet...your mum's and I will promptly create a comic and post it onto the internet THEN tell me about that freedom of speech crap.


By the way, I bought Assassin's Creed yesterday and I think it's brilliant! Anyone who says that it's really repetitive better not love Fps's as I will turn that response back to them in a second!

darkvenom3987d ago

usually i disagree with what you say but this time i have to side with you,bubbles for an excellent comment!all these pre-pubecent punks that infect the internet have nothing better to do.

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