Batman: Arkham City – “We want to create moments that change your life,” say Rocksteady

According to Rocksteady community manager Sarah Wellcock, the company wants “to create moments that change your life” in Batman: Arkham City, achieving this by not forcing you through the main story and allowing you to make your own fun.

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Quagmire3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Does that mean Batman will finally kill someone, namely the Joker considering he's sick?

Pozzle3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

I wonder if killing the villains might be an available option in the game. Like, it might end in a "Game Over" (because Batman isn't allowed to kill anyone), but it would still be pretty cool just to be able to kill Gotham's biggest baddies even for a moment.

....or maybe I'm just weird. :o

snipes1013211d ago

Well I mean (SPOILER) Batman DID kill a bunch of people in The Dark Knight Returns by Alan Moore so it's not entirely a non-option.

But one thing to remember about big claims like this: it was made by the community manager. E.g. someone that wants to make everyone happy.

chak_3211d ago

And it's delayed... damnit :(

Bay3211d ago

It's gonna be a great game,, I doubt my life will be changed.

I mean, unless Batman starts killing his enemies, which I think he should've been doing from the beginning.

Pozzle3211d ago

I like that Batman doesn't kill his enemies...if only because it makes him just as insane as the very villains he fights against. He KNOWS they can escape Arkham Asylum whenever they want, he KNOWS they will go on a killing rampage every time they escape, and he KNOWS families' lives will be destroyed (just like his was) whenever the villains are free in the city.

The only way to stop the villains for good is to either kill them or permanently injure them, yet Batman refuses to do that because he thinks killing is morally wrong and he doesn't want to become like the man who killed his parents...even though every time a villain escapes Arkham, it is technically Batman's fault because (1) he knows they will always escape and never stop killing people, and (2) the main reason most of the villains even exist is because he gives them a reason to exist.

Bay3211d ago

In a way, that makes Batman himself kind of a villain too, now that I think about it.

Drcherd3211d ago (Edited 3211d ago )

Batman is psychologically traumatiz ed causing him to commit to morals that in thought would end with a positive outcome but realistically his existance does not make much of a difference. You made me realize that he lives a sad life...bummer but I like it.

wedgie3211d ago

I hope it takes a bit more than a video game to change my life. However, between how awesome a game this is going to be and how excited I am for Uncharted 3, those combined might come close lol.

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