Resistance 3 Walkthrough [VGB]

VGB: A 100% complete Resistance 3 walkthrough that guides you through all the difficult moments of gameplay for the PS3 exclusive. The tips and videos will show how to get through the campaign in this newest Insomniac Games FPS.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3211d ago

just finished this game today. It was epic.

HeavenlySnipes3211d ago

100% agree. Only the final cutscene was meh.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3211d ago

Yea.. the final "boss" was too. I was hoping to meet the Hive Mind at the end... and kill it. But the game was epic none the less. It had a lot of story elements from the novels. Like having to fend off against thieving humans as well as Chimera. Also I like the idea of feral chimera.

BuffMordecai3210d ago

The prison level was a great surprise. Sledgehammer time!

Sevir043210d ago

This game totally rocks my Socks ! story was best in the S3 franchise! :-)