Guild Wars 2 dev: Traditional MMO quests “don’t work”

A representative of Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet says traditional MMO quests don’t, in fact, work very well in MMOs. He explains what Guild Wars 2 is doing differently...

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admiralthrawn873213d ago

blah blah blah. it'll be fun but i just cant see people logging on to see what random quest pops up today.

the rift invasions were only cool for a day or 2

soundslike3213d ago

lololol its funny because you're serious.

soundslike3213d ago

Guild Wars 2 IS action oriented. Even more so than Guild Wars 1 from the looks of it.

evrfighter3213d ago

oh god no. ff14 is already extremely limited due it being made for the ps3 also.

and I agree with GW dev. the traditional quest system is more like a relic of the past rather than being broken. This is why I can't see star wars doing too well.

ShoryukenII3213d ago

It would work very well on the PS3. Controls are not an issue. I think they had a technical issue but that may have been solved because the last thing I heard from them about it (last month) was that they were worried about the social aspect. I think if they release it for $60 with a keyboard attachment, things would be fine (PC version would be $30 by then). NCsoft is the publisher of Guild Wars 2 and they are good friends with Sony.

I think it will come out on PS3 at some point but they aren't focused on that. They are focused on PC so they can release it. But I think this is the perfect MMO for PS3. We could finally have a console MMO that not only doesn't suck but is actually good! I do wonder if they could get it on the Vita though (lower res screen so maybe possible?).

EditorAtGNG3213d ago

Variety is something finite in MMO's these days. However, you can't really blame the leaders (WoW) for sticking with the already proven formulas (in the end, it is what people end up liking anyways).

I am up for anyone who thinks they can revolutionize quests in MMO's though, going too far might alienate the "grind-flaworing" fan base.