Capcom responds to exclusive characters complaint for Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom responds to a complaint regarding the lack of an exclusive guest character for the Xbox 360 version of their upcoming multiplatform fighting game, Street Fighter X Tekken.

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TheKindRoost3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

cole would've fitted better on marvel vs capcom as he is a superhero. He seems so out of place in street fighter x tekken.

Quagmire3208d ago

Not sure where the disagrees came from considering you are right. Cole Mgrath is practically a comic-book hero, and fits perfectly with the Marvel characters.

Street Fighter and Tekken dont automatically scream for the need of unnecessary guest characters.

Micro_Sony3208d ago

Who are these 360 fans that are complaining? LOL.....I dont think many people are looking forward to this game as much as the look forward to Capcom vs Marvel.

oricon3208d ago

Its not just 360 people complaining the fan are complaining go on SRK or Eventhubs you will see alot people not happy about Cole as they would rather have no guest characters and wanted capcom to include more SF characters or Tekken characters, the game is crossover of Tekken and SF and makes no sense that cole is in.

DaTruth3208d ago

Not to mention nobody with a choice will buy an SF game to play on a 360 controller!

MaxXAttaxX3208d ago

They're adding plenty of SF and Tekken characters in the game.
It doesn't hurt that there will be a couple more extra characters.

oricon3208d ago

@Datruth most hardcore players use Xbox360 for fighters ssf4 has input lag, and most people use an arcade stick compared to casual players, most people who would wanna play cole are casual players as they don't really care for the SF or Tekken cast, they probably touch the game for a week, complete arcade mode and leave it to dust like with any fighter.

ThatArtGuy3208d ago

Until they find out that Cole is top tier in the metagame, and never use anyone else.

paradigmfellow3208d ago

@oricon, that is only in the US. Everywhere else in the world uses a PS3 for fighting games.

Bull5hifT3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Scan in a Turd Paint it Green Metallic and Throw a Small piece of Gold Tinfoil and make em Happy ..... Cole is Extremly Buff in here needs to be more like the Source

pixelsword3207d ago

Geez, here I was thinking only PS3 gamers complained, and this happens; so now I wanna stop hearing the media saying that.

Lesson learned for me.

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rjdofu3208d ago

He's a superhero alright. But he's not a Marvel or Capcom superhero, so he can't be in MvC.

Mike_Tha_Hero3208d ago

And he's not a Capcom or Tekken character yet he's in SFxT, your point is invalid.

Messatsu2903208d ago

@ Mike

The game is called STREET FIghter not capcom fighters. So capcom can put anyone they want in street fighter.

rjdofu3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Oh, I stand corrected. If that's the case, I do think that Coles power is more suitable with MvC universe since he's more of a supernatural hero than just a super fighter.

hkgamer3208d ago

Akuma was in X-men Children of the atom.
Sakura was in Rival Schools but I guess that wasn't really out of place at all.
Can't really think of other special guest characters that appeared in a capcom game.
However I do believe that it would be better for Cole to be in Street Fighter X Tekken, no one really cares too much about MvC3 anymore.

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Deathdeliverer3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

I feel the opposite way. I hope you guys dont believe devil kazuya and his laser beams are not super hero/villain worthy. Or akuma for that matter. Hell with you guys mentality Marvel vs Capcom shouldnt even exist. In no way should ryu be doing battle with thor. Cole fits just fine. Toro and Koro are odd additions but so is phoenix wright. Capcoms history of things like this makes these characters fit just fine. Frank west in tatsunoku? I could go on all day. By the way, Phoenix Wright is in UMVC3 for anyone that didnt know.

KwietStorm3208d ago

That's the game that the vs series is. It's just a mashup. Even the gameplay is of the wall. You can't say Ryu has no business fighting Thor. It's not even supposed to make sense. People are just saying Cole fits MvC better, which I don't see how anyone could disagree with.

sasuke993208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Whoa...suddenly all ps3 fanbo1s love capcom now fucking hypocrites

totally agree with you Yellow13, seriously what were they thinking, capcom should have made an original character instead of adding this bald freak...YUCK!

rezzah3208d ago

What does this issue have anything to do with fanboys at all?

MvC or SFvT it doesn't matter which game he joins because either way he'll be out of place.

that is why he's an outside character, like Kratos and Freddy Kruger for MK.

Tito083208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Sa-Suck-99, nobody mentioned PS3 Fanboys, you did, you're the only hypocrite right now, go home play with your daddy Master Chief, you need him!!!!

Tito083207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

OH SNAP, BUT ITS YOU, SASUCK, SASUCK-YOU-SUCK, sup partner????, I guess you still want want some of it, no wonder you PM me & blocked me... I know this may sound harsh, but few words are better than paragraph to reply to a no life like you but I have no other choice, why don't you go suck Capcom's dick for your own good, I rather be a Capcom fan which is ok to a Capcom Loyalist equals a bitch, YOU'RE A GOOD DOG, FETCH IT!!!!!

BTW look at the PM you sent me & to everybody to enjoy:

"yes i know that nobody mentioned PeeS3 fagbo1s ..."

"what i meant by my comment was ps3 owners always hated capcom and always said bad things about them...but now they love capcom why? because they added ONE exclusive character that is not even fitted for a japanese game just to satisfy ps3 fags like you sir"

"plus i have 3 consoles and i don't worship any, i have them to play GAMES japanese games to be specific...i don't care for your infaMOUSE, shitty uncharted or halo so fuck you"

"sasuke99 Capcom loyalist!"

And another PM:

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Tito083207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

@ rezzah- Lol, don't worry about that emo fag Sasuck, he's just a huge hater, he even bothered to PM me then block em, what a sad loser!!!!

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looza3208d ago

He would fit better in MvC but I think the mini comics that develop for Infamous is from DC.

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Redempteur3208d ago

i have to agree that the answer is right ...exclusive content on 360 but few complain , and when it's the other way around , people are complaining ..

Either Cole won't be playable at tournaments , or everyone should get the vesion with more characters .. & playable on the go ..

Lord_Sloth3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Gonna agree with this.

It's kind of a double standard that "Case Zero" is okay being exclusive but Cole can't be. It's really the same thing.

Kinda glad Capcom hasn't forgot about it's PS3 fans. XXXD

NoobSessions3208d ago

Lol what. What about the times PS3 got exclusive content in games like MK, Dead Space, RDR, etc? Where was the complaints there.

Rynx3208d ago


What does MK, Dead Space and RDR have to do with Capcom?

riksweeney3208d ago

Who could they have put in from the 360 though?

Tanir3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

exactly, 360 fans are just upset they have no one but the chief, cogs and random fable dude.

and only chief is the closest to being able to being in a fighter since a spartan was in dead or alive 4.

maybe if ninja gaiden was still exclusive they could have gotten ryu hayabusa.

and pleeeeease xbox fanboys, from your exclusive characters who would you use in a street fighter style game? the fable character? have his hyper where he does the farting or burping mini game? please enlighten me

NoobSessions3208d ago

Cole isn't the best match for Street Fighter either IMO.

d3nworth13208d ago

I don't why they're mad at capcom. It's not like Microsoft has a long list of first party characters to chose from.

lategamer3208d ago

Toss in a dude from Killer Instinct.

TheDivine3208d ago

Id like kaim from lost odyssey he is the shi*. Id also like to see balder from too human but these characters arent widely known like cole from infamous. Only 360 characters with name recognition would be master chief or marcus or dom. Cole Train wouldve awesome come to think of it but who cares its a nice bonus for ps3 owners, the 360 has its special content so theres no need to bicker.

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Gen0ne3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Any Killer Instinct character. Fulgore vs Jack. Nina vs Orchid. Jago vs Jin. Other than Spinal and Cinder, all the KI characters work and since Rare/MS refuses to do anything with them, give them to someone with the fighting game chops/skills to do it.

TopDudeMan3208d ago

I like infamous (and cole will be cool in street fighter x tekken), but has capcom become the new devil?

ChronoJoe3208d ago

Console exclusive guest characters suck anyway.

They're banned at tournaments, so no one plays them at high level. Not worth learning.

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Tanir3208d ago

oh funny.....i didn't know that 98% of the people who buy games/ fighting games go to tournaments

man didn't realize that fighting game tournaments were so big /s

seriously, this is for the normal consumer who will play online or at home with a buddy. if its a tourny player they will be good at multiple characters and dont worry about their console exclusive character being banned.

DrFUD3208d ago

Try more like 99.998% don't go to tournaments

DeleteThisxx3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Who do you think impacts most of the decisions for these fighting games? SFxT, MvC3, UMvC3, TTT2, Skullgirls, Arcana Heart 3, BlazBlue, Tekken 6 ALL had exposure at various tournaments and FGC gatherings such as WNF, EVO, SBO, Canada Cup... As a result, they all had various tweaks made to UI and character playstyles.

How about you look up viewer/registration statistics for EVO 2011 which broke numerous records.

And you're gonna attempt to tell me that fighting game tournaments aren't huge. Don't talk about something you obviously don't understand.

Stay free.

DaTruth3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Basketball tournaments are huge too, but 99.998% of people that play Basketball aren't playing in tournaments!

yewles13208d ago


"Who do you think impacts most of the decisions for these fighting games?"

Is that why these games are getting worse?

Soplox3207d ago

@ProjectSiK Why you think Capcom had put this 3 characters? Cuz they know 99.998% don't go to tournaments. Even if EVO's registration was BIG(It really was) it's just a small portion of the people that will play it(worldwide wise).And if Capcom make games only thinking in tournament people they'll go bankrupt.

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tarbis3208d ago

They're not. MK tournaments actually use PS3 version since Kratos is allowed to be used.

DeleteThisxx3208d ago

Any exclusive character is banned in ALL tournaments. Kratos has never been allowed, nor has any other exclusive character for that matter, in any major tournament.

oricon3208d ago

What tournaments have you been watching all console exclusive characters are banned.

Deathdeliverer3208d ago

Sorry to break it to you guys but you do realize that tournament players are used for balancing and advertisement. Nobody goes to tournaments. No matter how many single digit thousand people show up to a tournament, its nowhere near the amount that are just as good and could careless about a tourney. A character not being usable in a tourney is the LAMEST reason ive ever heard as to why a character shouldnt be exclusive or learned. That is reaching.

soundslike3208d ago

you have no clue what you're talking about. theres tournaments in even the smallest cities pretty much non-stop. without the the tourney scene fighting games will die. maybe you should actually go to one before talking.

KwietStorm3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Yeah, uh, wrong. If they can fill up the ballroom in Caesars Palace, I'm pretty sure that means people do go to tournaments.

Tito083208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

@ soundslike & kwietstorm- I tend to like fighting games a lot, & I was asked to do fighting game tournaments because they like the way I play, but I refused because as good as I can play fighting games, it ain't my thing to go to tournaments...

The fighting game community is growing up, but nothing to be serious about.... What Deathdeliverer said is that some Lame ass kid said there shouldn't be an exclusive character or shouldn't be learned because of tournaments, which I find lame reason for saying that as well since it was done way back since Soul Calibur 2... If the fighting game community like Evo doesn't allow certain characters to be playable at tournaments, that's their problem, not Capcom's!!!!

Everyone has the right to play with the characters they wanna learn with, if Gill from 3RD Strike or an exclusive character is playable at tournaments, good for those who like him, even if it means a hard time for me to beat Gill, but beating good Gill players was already done before, if Evo bans him or exclusive characters from tournaments, that's their problem, nobody else's!!!!

Lord_Sloth3208d ago

This post only applies to tourny players. If we aren't competitive with it, than we can play him in the online modes which is where most people play fighting games now anyway.

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