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coolbeans3214d ago least they kept their word for it releasing this holiday season, albeit the very last weeks of the holiday season.

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fluffydelusions3214d ago

About time! Hopefully it is not crap.

darksied3214d ago

True. NOW comes the real test: can they do what most MMO's DON'T do and actually have a decent launch? It's all about the first couple of weeks to see if they can sustain support for all the millions who will want to play.

Troll-without-Bridge3214d ago

Judging by the gameplay ive seen, the release date will go for 1997.

Spinal3214d ago

Finally!!! Hmm but from gameplay vids it wont be anythin amazin. But i will still try it out i wanna play a sith warrior.

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The story is too old to be commented.