Ghostbusters: Let's Show This Prehistoric Bitch How We Do Things Downtown…

Ripten's Michael Bencic shares his excitement for the upcoming Ghostbusters game.

"June 8, 1984. What I call the greatest day in entertainment history. The moment when the world became aware that comedy didn't have to be just some low budget, visually uninspired tripe. It could be spectacular. It could contain ideas and imagination. That child-friendly merchandising and dick jokes COULD in fact, exist side by side within the same film. Dogs and cats. Living together. Mass hysteria! June 8th, 1984 brought us Ghostbusters. My life would never be the same."

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BigKev454013d ago

Ghostbusters! Their cereal was the bomb back in the 80's.

brianodom4012d ago

the ecto cooler hi-c was great too

ActionBastard4013d ago

I remember that knock off animated series, Ghostbusters, that sucked ass. Then "The Real Ghostbusters" popped up. I'd almost prefer a game based on the knock off. Don't get me wrong, GB mattered...23 years ago.

Nostradavis4013d ago

so you would rather a game based on an animated series you thought sucked? great logic.

ActionBastard4013d ago

So what would that say about this game? Do I really need to explain what my statement implied? Obviously, I do...

Nostradavis4012d ago

yep, your comment says it all.

sovietsoldier4012d ago

i hope there is some car driving!