New Video Of the Mysterious Move Game Shows More About The New Santa Monica Production

Remember the mysterious video hinting at an unannounced Move game first revealed by iWaggle3D a few weeks ago? Well, here is another one…


Game title possibly found. Might be "Datura"

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a_bro3208d ago

well, someone's getting in trouble for leaking this LOL

Abash3208d ago

Man, this looks like the definitive First Person Adventure game :)

iWaggleVR3208d ago

Nah. I think this is all part of some viral marketing plan.

HappyWithOneBubble3208d ago

Nice vid Waggle. Santa Monica is top notch. What ever they're doing, I believe it'll be good.

C L O U D3208d ago

That pig could have gotten avoided easily

sashimi3208d ago

O the humanity! why the piggy! he/she could've been the bacon on my plate in the monring!.

TheKindRoost3208d ago

This looks very interesting, so this is one of the three unannounced games from ssm.

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The story is too old to be commented.