Fanboy Addicts Hooked On Format War

When it comes to HD DVD vs. Blu-ray Disc, people are bound to hear passionate arguments, angry words, and even outright threats. But it's not coming from Sony, Toshiba, or even studio spokesmen with a vested, financial interest.

It's the fans who have been most vocal - and controversial - about the new millennium's format war.

"Status symbol, bragging rights or just the fact that people want to show off their tech knowledge, what they are doing is presenting their opinions on forums and blogs and then defending these opinions - and their 'tech' - with fanaticism," said Xiao Fang, webmaster of, one of the many Web sites where HD DVD and Blu-ray fanboys express their thoughts. "It is unique in that I don't think something like this has happened before on such a scale."

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neogeo4082d ago

360 4 life!
Wii 4 life!
blueray 4 life!

HDDVD? never herd of it.

thereapersson4082d ago

The same could be said about the console war

snoop_dizzle4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )




Anyways yes it is kinda sad people put that much energy into a format. They are important, but gee, there is overkill. I buy bluray or just dvd(i might start buying hddvd though), but i don't really go on saying anything.

fury4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

Once they've made their decisions, they spread fud, bs and hate on the other format, even if they can't back their hatred with valid arguments. It's like you've been born in a certain country and develop national pride and hate or discriminate against another country and their citizens. The same applies to religions, which is an even better example. People have a certain religion, for example the Christianity or the Islam. Now the extremists of the respective religions hate on each other because they do not share the same thoughts, or basically the same "decision".

Now, for some people Blu-ray is a "religion" and for others HD-DVD is. Any why do they hate and can't get along? Because they are different (even just slightly) and don't share the same thoughts and decisions. But there is one thing they share, actually the most important thing, they both want to watch movies in HD but with _one_ precondition. "Their" format (religion) has to win this race.
This is really odd if you think about it...shows you how dumb the average joe is.
Of course it would be the best solution to let one format win not to confuse the mass-market, but in the end it will boil down hybrid players, which can play both Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

blackmagic4082d ago

Nice thought out comment FuRy.

eagle214082d ago

They are the ones who fed and were paid to write North American FUD like back in the Genesis and SNES days. I'm sorry but I do not blame fanboys, I blame the media. And this article was written by the media, blaming it on fanboys. But fanboys are consumers and have the right to like whatever they want. If the media would be responsible and recognize sales trends, not reporting every variable like it can't change, we may have a comfortable blog community. I myself, never read blogs and stuff about (Sony, Nintendo, MS...Blu Ray HD DVD) till this past summer. Some stuff was too funny not to read! But I know that hundreds of millions of potential consumers (billions for the movie market) are out there and it will take 5 years of hardwork to win anything.

DFresh4082d ago

Both formats are gonna be around forever might as well just accept it that way.
I do know that Blu-ray has a gigantic lead over the HD DVD format and more support from movie industries.
All the videogame consoles will still be around.
There's really no point in arguing because the only person that loses is you.
In my opinion I like Blu-ray better because in movies and games it has more space on a disc to work with 2X the space as a matter of fact.
This format war is almost like the Cold War just a stalemate with no victory.
I think every console has it's great things and then it has it's bad things.
I'm more long term
Sony to me is more reliable than MS
they offer a lot of stuff for free.
ex.) Home, Online, Firmware Updates, etc.
PS3 is the better deal in my opinion.

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