Crysis 2 - More comparison shots between MaLDo's textures and Crytek's DX11 High-Res Texture Pack

DSOGaming writes: "As MaLDo’s latest texture pack is almost upon us, the modder decided to post some new comparison shots between his work and Crytek’s DX11 High-Resolution Texture Pack. The difference is quite noticeable and among other things, MaLDo decided to optimize some scenes."

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DigitalAnalog3209d ago

The modder surpassed the official pack. Nice job Crytek.

-End statement

Tachyon_Nova3209d ago

What? Everygame ever made with mod support has had a mod released which improves the graphics...

ninjahunter3209d ago

This mod is higher resolution and it runs 10% faster. Usually mods have a huge performance hit, but crytek did such a poor job on the high end patches that they have an unrealistic performance hit. the fact that a few modders are doing a better job than a studio with millions of dollars in budget is ridiculous.

LackTrue4K3209d ago

lol...........there still on this Crysis 2 thing??? this is getting old, the games a flop get over it!!!