Metro: Last Light and Darksiders 2 will be “superior” on Wii U

More News that Wii U is way more superior than PS3 and XBox 360 combined.

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OllieBoy3208d ago

Just like Oblivion on PS3.

And just like Oblivion, they'll be a year old and nobody will care.

gogospeedracer3208d ago

Didn't Oblivion on PS3 have issues? I didn't get around to playing it.

adamant7153208d ago

All I know is that the 360 version was SOOOO laggy..

Abash3208d ago

I don't care if they are. I'm not shelling out $300 or more to play a game that I can play on my PS3 or 360.

These games aren't going to sell Wii Us. Nintendo needs to announce some big Wii U exclusives to get me to buy it.

kingdoms3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Oblivion on PS3 used an updated engine with a year's worth of improvements. Some of the later DLC used it natively on PC, 360 and PS3. The improvements were patched to the full game on PC and 360 around that time.

"As for the PS3 version of Oblivion trumping the 360 in the visuals department, it just so happens that the new shader techniques applied to the PS3 will also be worked into the 360 version of the game. And thus, they are equals once more. Unless you want some"

I played the crap out of Oblivion and remember every step of the back and forth with patches and updates between the ps3 and 360 versions.

I don't know why ps3 fans like nukacola keep saying it is better on ps3 when it simply *was*

Funny ps3 fans are still cherry picking the facts in oblivion's history to claim a victory.

NukaCola3208d ago

The PS3 version of Oblivion was pretty solid and ran better and looked smoother than the the 360 one..which is odd cause Fallout 3 on PS3 was pretty terrible in performance, and the 360 version definitely outshined it. I don't get it. the gamebryo engine sometimes is cooperative, and other times a royale pain in the ass.

evrfighter3208d ago

metro is a dog to run on high on the pc so if this is true this means that the wii-u may have some serious firepower.

AWBrawler3208d ago

@Abash they did name one that's exclusive to Nintendo consoles, DragonQuest X, and they announced Smash Bros, and they more than Hinted at a new Zelda.
You know the games are coming. Next E3 will be massive

gaffyh3208d ago

I didn't have lagging issues on the 360 with oblivion, but then again I played it late when the install feature was released.

t0mmyb0y3207d ago

@ Abash

What is a Wii Us

DaTruth3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

It is the plural of Wii U! I usually throw in an apostrophe, because then people know what the hell I'm talking about!

BattleAxe3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

The WiiU is a non-factor. We may be witnessing the end of Nintendo as we know it. On December 21 2012, Nintendo will announce that it is dropping out of the Console manufacturing business. The Mayans have been right all this time.

kikizoo3207d ago

"metro is a dog to run on high on the pc so if this is true this means that the wii-u may have some serious firepower."

new consoles are more powerfull than high end pc when they launch....but nintendo, i don't believe so.

joydestroy3207d ago

yeah i'm with you man. i want Nintendo first party exclusive in beautiful 1080p! Mario... Zelda...1080p... that will sell the Wii U

ProjectVulcan3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

New consoles aren't more powerful than high end PCs. Even when 360 launched it was no match for a single X1800XT, never mind crossfire. But obviously that is the point a generation of consoles is closest to PC.

In the case of Wii U, i am sure it will be quite a lot more powerful than PS3 and 360, but at the same time some way short of high end PC hardware by the time it arrives.

A new 28nm GPU generation that will nearly double the power of a GTX580 will have arrived by spring 2012, and i doubt Wii U will use that new generation. More likely the modified Radeon HD 48xx the rumours were on about. This is a lot faster than current consoles, and good enough for 1080p ports from the older machines no sweat.

Wii U may also benefit PC games, if developers bother to step up versions to Wii U quality then PC will be the other platform to benefit from that effort.

Boody-Bandit3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

"is way more superior"
Am I the only one that finds that odd wording?

Either way if it comes out a year after the PS3 and 360 version so it will only matter to Wii U only owners. Besides the best version "graphically" will be the PC version.

I would gather more N4G members have decent PC's than own a Wii or will own a Wii U. Sigh with all this dick measuring. Can anyone write a non inflammatory article without sensationalist headlines? Oh wait, almost no one reads them. That is why we get this trash instead of quality articles with useful information.

JackBNimble3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

isn't the wii-u the next gen console? so any game really should be better in every way on the wii-u, atleast until sony and MS jump to the next gen , then the wii-u will once again be sub par.

But they all will always be sub par to the pc, and console gamers will always denie that fact.

BTW, didn't sony and MS also say their games would be in 1080p , only to fine very few that were. Nintendo is playing catch up but they will still fall behind the times (technilogically speaking that is).

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-Mika-3208d ago

Exactly. I wrote a comment like that in a similar article.

TreMillz3208d ago

Lol somebody is going to steal Wii U's thunder next year, whether its MS or Sony idk, banking on MS since Sony is busy with Vita

BattleAxe3207d ago

I agree, although I think the Vita will be what actually steals WiiU's thunder. I think where MS will become big on stage, will be with the launch of Windows 8 and its integration with Xbox Live.

Tony P3208d ago

I fully expect a console designed for next gen to outpace what's currently available. Until of course everyone else jumps in and blows the early guy out of the water.

ReservoirDog3163208d ago

I re-bought Oblivion for the PS3 when I got a little too addicted to my 360 version and sold it.

Was years later but it seemed basically the same.

Also, "way more superior"?

Solidus187-SCMilk3208d ago

well oblivion was still better on PC regardless of the 360/ps3 version, just like metro will be way better on PC then wii U still. but isnt darksiders coming out next year anyways around the wii U, same with metro. Your acting like these games are coming out this year and they are not, so they really wont be that old at all, especially if wii U arrives in the first half of the year.

But really the article said "way more superior." LOL the writer should put on the dunce cap hahahahaha.

I wonder what the specs of the wiiU will be?? I think it would be foolish of Nintendo not to make it alot more powerfull than the 360/pS3, but they are in control and have their own ideas Im sure.

matey3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

try Power 7 cpu with 6 cores and lik 32mb ram and a custom gpu based on HD 7000 series as the wiiu is said to have a 28nm gpu and the only 1 thats that small is a HD 7000 out next year and an investor said that 28nm is what the gpu is as they all got told at a meeting as nintendo are there biggest customer ie why the investor has the info its a fact the WiiU is a beast.

SilentNegotiator3208d ago

"Anonymous" interview with supposed employee of THQ.
Fake nonsense.

"but unlike the anonymous “leaks” we had back then, this employee doesn’t make any ridiculous claims – his comments seem quite reasonable, and don’t clash with anything we already know about the Wii U"
Well, he claims "true 1080p" despite the fact that Nintendo refused to confirm it (this industry's version of saying "we don't have it").

aceitman3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

. But he did warn that “this will only happen as long as a developer or publisher puts in the time and effort instead of doing a straight port.”

and they can do the same with the ps3 if they take the time and effort . but most of them didnt and wont . and just like the vita sonys next system will be easy to develop games for .

zeddy3207d ago

naa i aint buying a wii u. rather wait for xbox 720 and ps4.

3207d ago
yabhero3206d ago

actually metro last light and darksiders 2 come out next year around the expected launch time so they will be new

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whitezagetsu713208d ago

I hope that the WIIU is future proof and not PS3 future proof
cause the 720 is coming

Chocoboh3208d ago

The PS4 could be released before the 720 if Sony had it's way. All the stuff is already available to Sony if they so wish to pump out next-gen.

Kamikaze1353208d ago

With all the problems the 360 had, it wasn't exactly future proof, lol

Legion3208d ago

I don't recall 360 ever claiming it was future proof?

Pyscho_Mantis3208d ago

lol at the stupidity of the guy above me.

DaTruth3207d ago

I don't recall my PS3 saying anything either! PS3's and 360's can't talk!

Legion3207d ago


Makes you wonder why you are a 1 bubble wonder? You are so intelligent in your remarks. The PS3 brand has been the only brand that I know that has used the words future proof in reference. And yet a PS3Fanboy brings that argument against the 360 brand. Talk about ignorant. (sorry... let me dumb that word down for you s t u p i d.)

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Tommykrem3208d ago

"More News that Wii U is way more superior than PS3 and XBox 360 combined"

Right. Or as the article states, the Wii U versions are likely to have smooter frame rate and 1080p support on more titles. If this is going to be worth it there better be no "Wii U was a pain in the *** to work with" articles" because I don't think this lead will last for too long.

MiamiACR693208d ago

Seeing as how Sony isn't behind the development of the Wii-U, I see no problems in developing a game for it.

PirateThom3208d ago

You've obviously missed the stories of developers having issues developing games for it.

digitaledge3208d ago


Oh, you mean those unsubstantiated rumours that came from 01net? As opposed to the confirmed statements from Crytek and many more saying how easy the WiiU is to develop for?

I didn't miss those - I just chose to believe facts over rumours.

Tommykrem3207d ago

I doubt it has as much to do with Sony as it has to do with making new, innovative technology that's set to last for some time. PS1, PS2 and PS3 were all difficult to develop for, yet they've all been in the game for a long time (PS3 we'll still have to see about)

Quagmire3208d ago

Touching is Good.

-Nintendo DS

Ness-Psi3208d ago

It's good to talk

-BT circa 1992

Legion3208d ago

Exactly... It isn't difficult to make something with a smaller screen look as good or possibly better with such limitations. Curious to see how it will look if hooked up to a large screen?

Wait and see.

Arnon3208d ago

What the... you realize that the Wii U isn't that tiny little controller right? The thing is a system that is hooked up to a TV and can PLAY said games on the controller alone.

I mean, really? You think a tiny screen can output 1080p, 60 FPS?

Legion3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Let me think:

But you are correct in that I originally was flashing back to the PS Vita in my thoughts. But still not allowing the Wii-U to sell me on paper. Gotta see what it offers before even thinking of purchasing it. Anyone can say something on paper. Show me the works.

Arnon3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Having a tiny screen that is 1080p compared to having a tiny screen that is 640p has virtually no differences. Let alone, it's such a waste of energy.

In fact, 1080p is only really visible on screens that are at least 36" and larger. Also, the Vita's resolution is nowhere near 1080p. It stands at 960x544, while the Wii U's controller is estimated to be at 854x480.

And again, there isn't a need for the screen to have any higher of a resolution on the Wii U controller because the Wii U is a console, and is originally hooked up to a TV to begin with.

strifeblade3207d ago

its good to play together

-xbox 360

mrmikew20183208d ago

Yes!!!! Another system to add to my collection of Video game Consoles.

mrmikew20183208d ago

Did I say something wrong about buying video game console??

PygmelionHunter3208d ago

No, you didn't, it's just the Wii U hate fairy throwing disagrees at you.

videoxgamexfanboy3208d ago

No u didnt say anything wrong...but u posted an opinion on n4g...bad move.../s

kneon3208d ago

From your statement it sounds like collecting consoles is the goal here, but for most people playing games is the goal. If a game I want to play is on a new console then I'll buy it, if not then who cares.

In the case of the Wii U that stupid new controller makes it a non-starter for me. Why are Nintendo so bad at ergonomics? Few of their controllers are well thought out and comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

TheEatingVodka3207d ago

@kneon, how about you get out of his ass and stop trying to analyze what he said?

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Hozi3208d ago

Can you buy me one too! I'll scratch your back mate!...ahem, This WiiU better be getting Project Offset. If not well I could care less about Mario and Zelda anymore.