Two New Sonics, Two Different Reactions if You Don’t Touch the Controller

The first time my friend showed me Sonic The Hedgehog on his Sega Genesis, he made me put the controller down so I could see how much more attitude Sonic had than my Mario. Sonic, you see, would get pissed if you left him idling.

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Zashule3209d ago

Funniest one I remember was from Sonic CD. If you waited long enough, Sonic would say 'I'm outta here', jump off the screen and you would get the game over screen.

cjflora3208d ago

Must be a slow news day.

chanmasta3208d ago

Do you know how old and overused that phrase is now?

Getowned3208d ago

lol how about "must be a slow comment day."

cjflora3208d ago

Do you know how old it is to have douchebags comment on your observations?

chanmasta3204d ago

LOL. What a joke you are sir. It seems the majority agree, too.

Eric Barrier3208d ago

That's a nice little touch they added. I really hope this game is good.

Errod883208d ago

Hope this game comes to the Vita.

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