Tech-Gaming | The Gunstringer Review

Whereas many Kinect titles have felt like glorified tech demos, offering anthologies of disjointed mini-games, The Gunstringer artfully binds its variety of gameplay mechanics together. Crowned with a remarkable amount of verve, creativity, and polish, the game is precisely what Microsoft needs to maintain the momentum of their peripheral.

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madmad3205d ago

is the Wavy Man Chronicles any fun to play or is it just silly?

mediastudies3205d ago

Still not enough to make me drop $150 on a Kinect.

deserteaglexix3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I bet that Kinects will be marked down to $99 this holiday season.

Bigpappy3205d ago

You make that sound like a bad thing. Kinect is a very expensive add-on, but it is selling very well.

coolbeans3205d ago

All $150 Kinects come with Kinect Adventures and Child of Eden. This is a terribly misinformed post.

sharpsword3205d ago

How is speculating on a price drop, "terribly" misinformed?

coolbeans3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

^ Better question: How do you find mediastudies' post to insinuate anything about speculating on a price drop?

sharpsword3205d ago

Also, in early January, Microsoft announced that it sold/shipped 8 million units of Kinect. The latest figure is 10 mil. This new number implies that they've only been able to push 2 million units worldwide in the past 5 months. Also, they actually touted the 10 million figure back in March, which means that in last five months or so, sales have stagnated even more.

Slowing sales=pack in, then possibly of a price drop. I doubt Kinect will stay at $150 for too long.