58 Rock Band songs revealed: the complete set list including videos

The official Rock Band website has finally revealed the last secret songs out of the 58 songs total in Rock Band. Gameplay and music videos for these songs are now online.

Rock Band will first launch in America on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on November 20, with the PlayStation 2 version arriving later on December 18. Canada gets all versions on December 17 and Europe will have to wait until early 2008.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Come on with that money I can buy a REAL insturment and a couple of lessons for it

Also MTV = Moron TV

*Goes listens to Led Zepplin and Pink Floyd*

EZCheez3988d ago

So what am I, a freak?

And it's Led Zeppelin.

sarlucic3988d ago

Let me see, a good drumkit = 2000dollar, a good guitar 2000-3000dollar, a good mic with a mixer and speakers, with additional voiceeffekts 2000dollar. Enough lessons to be good enough to play all thoose songs for real, let me see.. hmmmm.. Wait you already failed.

This is a GAAAAAAAAAAME you play it for fun, this is like saying that you should go out and shotpeople instead of playing GTA or something.

This game is nothing like playing real instruments, but its alot of fun, why not keep it at that?

Tsukasah3988d ago

160 bucks.... i dont even think I can buy a walmart guitar with that.

I currently own around

I have a Schecter Hellraiser, more than 160
A Washburn Acoustic that cost me 500
A John Petrucci Ernie Ball Music Man 7 string. That cost me 2500!
A Taylor Acoustic 12 string, 1200
A Fender Strat... you should know how much those cost since you think you know all about instrument prices...

Do you have any idea how much a drumset costs? I believe a full kit is around 6,000. And a good microphone.... lol!!! And I would never buy an amp for less than 100, considering i've never seen a guitar cheaper than 100, i'm assuming you think you can buy a guitar for 100, and am amp for 20, and lessons for 40? lessons for 40 dollars will probably only teach you 1 scale on the guitar.

Please, shut up.

*goes and listens to Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, and Rush* :D

Moentjers3988d ago

I have some friends who would never buy a real guitar because they are not interested in following hours of lessons. But now they are really crazy about PLAYING on a guitar with only 5 buttons where you can learn a Maiden song in less than 30 minutes...
One of them actually got Guitar Hero himself the next day.
I'm sure the drums will get me a lot of new visitors.
It's fun... really... give it a try...

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beoulve3988d ago

i think rockband is wonderful idea. I'm getting the collector edition. Fender FTW

gw4k3988d ago

I love guitar hero and this looks even better!

Why not act like you are the lead guitarist or the powerhouse drummer.

Half of our lives are made up in our heads anyway, might as well live out this dream as well!


ngg123453988d ago

yyz on that list. Waiting for some rape to happen.

MrWegman3988d ago

How hard will this be to find for the 360? I did not pre-order the bundle. I am hoping Sam's club is getting this.

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