Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Customisation video

Enjoy the video guys! While we were handing out bullets for other people's brains, we also noticed that there are quiet a few customisation options for Uncharted 3, including weapon mods and perks!

The level of player model customisation is also really cool, with some characters from the single player campaign or create your own complete player model!

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-Alpha3209d ago

Not so sure if Regeneration is such a good idea. Also, what is Bargain level 2 about?

Dante1123209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Didn't you always regenerate after a few seconds in UC, UC2 even in multiplayer anyway? Not like Socom to my understanding from playing the UC3 beta.

Emkayu3209d ago

the regeneration booster is 70% increase in regeneration

WhiteLightning3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

I think Regeneration makes you heal faster then everyone else. (EDIT: Oh Emkayu beat me to it)

People won't realise untill it's out because of the whole "ND = GODS" thing but the online this time will be way more unbalanced then U2 once people get to play with the high level boosters they'll unlock (Regeneration Level 3 for example). I mean the stuff in the beta was pretty fair to be honest but it didn't have any of the un fair sounding boosters/add ons we've heard about.

I hate aswell how in Hardcore mode there is still loadouts. Isn't the whole point of Hardcore mode is to strip it of the new COD like changes.

They should of made a classic mode instead with all the fair boosters from U2 in it (except SA though lol)

@Emkayu: Well I I said in the beta everything presented was fair. There wasn't any of the unfair booster we've heard about and nobody got the chance to upgrade something like regenration to Level 3. So we just don't know yet to be honest, we can't judge it based off the beta.

@-Alpha: I know I don't think it was a good idea to pick weapons. Loadouts should be cut from it. I liked the challenege of finding a weapon to suit you, since the AK is crap now it would be a nice challenge to get the weapon that fits you. As I've said in the past it seems now people will rely on these COD like gimmicks instead of what was presented in was you, your two boosters and skill, that was it, now we have a range of things to help you out which could make things bit unfair for some. The thing I liked about U2 was how simple it was, they've kind of added too many changes in U3 without us slowly getting used to them, I mean it;s not like it's the last Uncharted, they could of slowly added the changes in future Uncharted games.

The thing I hate seeing the most is people saying it's perfect already because of the beta, the beta, as I've said, had fair boosters in it so we realy can't judge yet. But people NEED to admit it and tell ND if the game isn't as good as U2 or we'll be stuck with crappy changes we'll finally moan about 5 months after launch where ND can't do as much since the game would already be out.

I really would like a Classic mode. Just me, my two boosters and my skill.

-Alpha3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Yeah, but you regenerate at 120% times the normal rate O_o

Imagine ducking into cover after getting injured and popping out at 100% health that fast.


I also hate that there are loadouts in Hardcore, especially because I feel that the GMAL should be pick up. It also annoys me how they broke up SA into like 6 different things.

Also, I'm very concerned with some of the kickbacks. I really don't like the idea of every power weapon being a kickback.

The way they are designed, coupled with the boosters that help you get them faster, I feel that we will be seeing a lot of power kills. The T-Bolt can be gained in 6 medals if you consider the Bargain Booster! I can get 4 of those a match.

I feel that making power weapons so easy to get via kickbacks totally kills the importance of weapon pick ups.

Emkayu3209d ago

harhar WhiteLightning, maybe next time, but when I was playing (I wrote the article and Filmed and played!) there wasn't anything insanely overpowered, maybe the rocket launcher, but that's always gonna be OP

Dante1123209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

@ Alpha Oh, my bad. Just got a ps3 around the time the beta came and I just recently started on UC2. Guess you're really gonna have to finish the guy off on the spot then...there are some counter boosters to halt those type of power boosters though.

@ White

Going off of the UC3 beta, the grenade launcher seems to be the overpowered weapon to me, all the others seemed pretty square.

Edit: @ Emkayu

If you dodge the rocket launcher you're cool if you have space from where it hits (I'd say 5-10 feet). You don't have a chance with the grenade launcher though. Rapid fire nightmare DX.

Solidus187-SCMilk3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

I cant wait for this game multiplayer to come out, Im gonna get early access from subway. I love the multiplayer, probably because im pretty good at it. I felt bad for my opponents sometimes in the beta. I would be fighting 2 guys and then I would kill one and get a rocket kickback and then pop out and kill his buddy with the rocket and stuff.

i dont find anything unbalanced because If I think a person beat me based on their perk/kickback i could always change to that as well in the future, but I am confident that i could beat most people even If I had no kickback and an AK, regardless of what kickbacks or guns they use. I find that in the U3 beta and U2 I would just use early unlocks anyways.

In U3 I will probably use the rocket because its quick and easy and doesnt slow me down at all. I prefer just to use the AK and with the rocket kickback you can shhot your rockets real quick and then your primary gun pops back up right after you shoot your last rocket, making a rocket kickback better than just picking up the rocket in the regular game(then your stuck with an empty rocket launcher).

I wonder what new kickbacks they will add? Will I find one as quick and easy as the rocket???

OHHHH EDIT-- BY THE WAY- Im pretty sure that regeneration is for CO-OP ONLY. It was in the beta but only for co-op and not for competitive.

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smashcrashbash3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

I don't understand why people say its easy to get kickbacks. Do know how hard it was to get the super grenade in a single match? Did anyone even look and see how many medals it took to open the creepy crawler? Everyone acts as if the other players are just going to be standing in a straight line waiting for you to kill them. The kickbacks are rewards for playing well and if you can't play well then either get better or don't play at all.

I never get how people claim things are unfair. You talk as if getting the rocket launcher makes you invincible or something. You still have to point it, aim it and get a hit, Everyone has the same chance of gettting the same things you do. So what is unfair? If you suck you would have gotten beaten anyway perks or not. If you're a good gamer you overcome you disadvantages, not whine about them. No perk couldn't be overcome with skill in UC2.

MrSpace3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Are you's easy to get medals in Uncharted 3 now, theres way more then in Uncharted 2.

You can get one for dying 5 times in a row, one for running around a lot, even one for being in cover for over a minute and I'm sure there others which you can get with no hardwork so basicaly the kickbacks don't really reward players. Theres too many now and that's why it's easy to gain medals. Most people, including myself could get at least 4/5 RPG kickbacks a match. Your talking about people sucking saying it's no unfair then you talk about medals are hard to get.....sorry to be blunt but it sounds like you suck. Medals are easier to get then in Uncharted 2

"You talk as if getting the rocket launcher makes you invincible or something. You still have to point it, aim it and get a hit. Everyone has the same chance of gettting the same things you do. So what is unfair"

Unfair....well you do get two shots in it, plus the explosion radius is kind of big so even if they miss and it hits a wall behind you theres a bigger chance you'll be dead.

How can you say if you suck you'll still be beaten perk or not. Sorry but I think I have a better chance at surving then someone with an RPG/Creepy crawler kickback so I don't know what point your tyring to get across there.

If your a good player who has just started and you have a "noob" who is a higher level because he's been playing it longer then you with ALL the good boosters and kickbacks then there more likely to beat you good skill or not because they have better unlockables then you.

"No perk couldn't be overcome with skill in UC2"

Yeah because most of the boosters were fair and it wasn't as crazy as Uncharted 3's. Skill won't even cut it in Uncharted will with some REALLY amazing skill players but not everyone is that perfect.

Please don't call people whiners when they bring up valid points. NaughtyDog are great but there not untouchable. If you don't have a problem with it so far (which is impossible because it was just a beta) then fair enough but don't call people whinners because they're voicing their opinions on the online, how are developers supposed to take feedback into account when people are like you and put people down for talking negative about the game.

smashcrashbash3209d ago

No doubt you were playing against noobs. FOUR RPG kickbacks? The other team obviously wasn't trying at all. You get medals for staying in cover or rolling a lot IF the other team allows you to. I tried hiding in cover to get medals and got blown out of there everytime. Everyone takes advantage of perks and kickbacks in every game out there. None of the kickbacks last long or are so advantageous that they can't be stopped. I have escaped super bombs, dodged rockets even hidden from creepy crawlers.

Everyone is too busy whining about how something is going to be used against you instead of learning how to use it against everyone else or how to defend against it. I have played many games where I was at a disadvantage because I only now joined and I fought back and reached higher levels without crying about it. Trust me, when people get better at the game you won't be getting four RPG kickbacks in one match.

kamakaz3md3209d ago

Wish there were way more boosters. It would also be cooler if just for multiplayer mode, that all the characters you get to use had a bunch of different armor options, and not just clothes.

beast242tru3209d ago

i like how uncharted multiplayer dnt hav too many boosters and kill streak b.s it kills the overall fun of the game anyone can jump in a uncharted match and have fun and win against people who are on higher levels