PSP Store arriving 'after Christmas' in Europe

The PC-compatible PLAYSTATION Store will arrive in Europe "after Christmas," according to a new e-mail sent out by SCEE. The Store will feature "games, themes and wallpapers" and "trailers, music and films." This ambitious revamp of downloadable content for PSP certainly can't come soon enough!

There's still no word on the US release yet.

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eagle213991d ago

Our european brothers get it first and I can't wait for american tv shows, games like echochrome, and more!

Vip3r3991d ago

Cool. Looks like we European are beginning to get more stuff first from Sony. PlayTV and now this. Should be good.

HydroBoy3991d ago

i would be using this alot, cant wait..hope its compatible with ps3 also..cause i hate the looks of the ps store on ps3 ....we got a new re-lease of psp slim , now we got a pc compatible store.. awsome