CCP's Olafsson: 'The Shooter Market Is Ready' For Dust 514

Dust 514, which is under development at CCP Asia in Shanghai and due to launch on the PlayStation Network as a downloadable title in 2012, hooks directly into the same server infrastructure as the PC MMO EVE Online. This means that the player bases are unified across the two different games, as are the in-game economies, chat channels, and more.

EVE creative director Torfi Frans Olafsson says that the time has come for a shooter with this scope of connectivity. According to Olafsson, his experience with the highly-engaged player base for the MMO tells him so.

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nolifeking3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

You bet it is.

Persistantthug3208d ago

5 or 6 years ago I wanted to get into EVE, but the game is so daunting that the whole weekend I spent with EVE, that was all just doing the tutorial.

I had to put it away because I just didn't have that kind of time.

DUST 514 is like getting a second chance into EVE's world and it sounds very intriguing.

Everyone's always talking about how they want unique and new experiences.....Well....this is it.

nolifeking3208d ago

Exactly how I feel. EVE always intrigued me, but I wasnt willing to give it the attention it needed. Know, with the integration of an FPS I can and will end up getting EVE to bolster my stats in Dust.

sickbird3208d ago

i have a feeling this game is going to fail miserably.

Hicken3208d ago

I have a feeling you're a troll.

sickbird3208d ago

No, not a troll just doesn't look like something that would be to popular. Definitely going to check it out but i dont see it selling well.

nolifeking3208d ago

I highly doubt this dev started making this game thinking "We've just made the second coming of the FPS.". I see it more along the lines of "The FPS genre as a whole is stagnant. What could we possibly do to stand-out from the pack". If it does fail miserably like you say(which I highly doubt, seeing as how it's a downloadable title) it's just a testament to how crappy and single minded the gaming world has become.

ATi_Elite3208d ago

Just giving my opinion so please do not TORCH me too hard.

But i TOTALLY agree with wolfam1 that Dust514 is gonna fail and my reasons are:

1. No Xbox 360 version: say what you want but XBL is a great network to maintain a gaming community on when it comes to consoles and Xbox 360 gamers do enjoy the SHOOTAZ as well as other games. Also 360 tends to have bigger sales numbers of quality games which lead to bigger and longer lasting gaming communities.

2. PS3 Exclusive: With a heavy influx of PS3 Exclusives i think PS3 gamers are burnt out on the FPS and rather play other titles. Plus PS3 FPS game communities tend to shrink rapidly possibly due to frequent releases of PS3 titles.

3. No PC Version: with 250 million online gamers worldwide why wouldn't they make a PC version. F2P with micro-transactions is the norm and very profitable. PC Gamers have already made it known to CCP that we are not happy with this.....and I'm 100% positive this will be corrected.

The only thing that's gonna keep Dust 514 from failing is CCP making a PC version. I know they do not want to take away gamers from Eve Online (which was a lame excuse anyway as Eve is really time consuming and Dust 514 allows for quick play) but a PC version will have to be made as the F2P format brings in huge gamer numbers and makes great Ca$h for Devs.

Dust 514 will play a very important role in the Eve Online expanding universe and CCP can not risk of ruining Eve with a low Dust514 community. I already suspect CCP is making a PC version as we speak!!

nolifeking3208d ago

I have to disagree with your "reason".

1. Not being on Xbox and a shooter isn't some kinda "insta fail" the way your making it out to be. Yes the 360 is the shooter machine, but can you really say this is a game that will translate well to the "SHOOTER" on the xbox?

2. Downloadable title! Flower should have never done as well as it did, but it did. The fact your using Sony's exclusive line-up against it makes me laugh considering it, in itself, is another exclusive.

3. The entire point of this title is to give relevance to the cross-platform play mechanic. You play one way one the PC, I play this way on the PS3. This game is made to show us how TRUE cross platform play can work.

A PC version never has to be realized for this to be a hit. If EVE players use the Dust players like they should, word of mouth will be enough. I really hope people aren't expecting COD# or even KZ2&3#. The game is downloadable for a reason, and that reason is to give EVE players a new avenue and PS3 players a new game.

SonyStyled3207d ago

i think the game will appeal to the masses but the masses may not be into purchasing 'virtual content'. personally if im going to be putting down my money i would like to be able to physically hold it. i think this is something that should be put onto a disc, along with the first crysis. salesmay suffer some due to it being download only, but i dont think it will fail

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jbiz3303208d ago

this game will probably suck.. bad

TheFirstClassic3208d ago

I just don't know what to think of this game. I don't get how some parts of it are going to work.

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