GameSpot gives 8/10 for Wii, 7/10 for PSP version of Medal of Honor Heroes 2

Summary of the reviews:

The Good
* Fast and fun gameplay
* Solid controls
* Interesting motion-sensing implementation (Wii version)
* 32-player online is impressive
* Arcade mode is a fun diversion (Wii version).

The Bad
* Story and mission structure bring nothing new to the table
* Longer than the last game, but still short (PSP version)
* Terrible AI.

Read Full Reviews links to the review of the Wii version. See the Alternative Sources below for the PSP review.

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Pl4ybwoi4016d ago

I don't know maybe it's just me, but everytime i c a low score by Gamespot it have 2 b on a Sony console, correct me if wrong but i think they don't giv sony consoles lower scores just because they'll b exagerating.

Pl4ybwoi4016d ago (Edited 4016d ago )

Isn't 7 out of 10 a low score 2 you bloodySinner? for a game i think it is.

Rooftrellen4016d ago

7/10 should mean a game is pretty average, maybe a little above.

It's certainly not low. 4/10 is low, 1/10 is low. 7/10 is decent.

PS360WII4016d ago

So far I've just been able to check out the multiplayer and it's working nicely. Smooth and easy and you get to use EA Nation so no friend codes what-so-ever and enough people online to play with. Gets pretty hecktic ^^

cooke154015d ago

Im really digging this game. Best Medal of Honor since Frontline.

M_Prime4015d ago

the first point in THE BAD column is stupid.. its a WW2 shooter.. OF COURSE IT BRINGS NOTHING NEW TO THE TABLE.. WHAT CAN YOU POSSIBLY BRING INTO A WW2 SHOOTER? maybe u can have psychic powers and kill the Nazi's with ur mind.. i mean c'mon

also i think they did sacrifice AI for graphics and draw distance but on IGN wii-k in review they said it was pretty decent and best FPS controls EVER on the wii.. they even encouraged people to just rip em off, so that has to say something good about this game..

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