Starhawk Builds On War Foundations

SarcasticGamer - Making a very, very underplayed appearance at Eurogamer Expo this year is Starhawk, the spiritual successor to online-only PS3 sleeper hit Warhawk. In development at LightBox Interactive — itself comprised of a large number of developers from former Warhawk dev Incognito — Starhawk aims to combine the ground/air chaos of its forefather with real-time strategy elements and a solid single-player campaign to compliment the pre-existing multiplayer model.

The good news is that, from the 15-minute mission that both CapnAverage and I experienced on the show floor, LightBox have succeeded on all counts. Starhawk is guilty of being pretty darn good.

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Dark_king3205d ago

Should of been three words you forgot the NOW!

thereapersson3205d ago

Well, I guess I can't forget Little Big Planet's implementation of multiplayer gaming. I respect Media Molecule because they still recognize people want to game with their friends on a local (read: in the same house) level.

1Victor3205d ago

From article "your A.I like your online mates will steal your warhawk as soon as the respawn those dicks "that had me LOL . It's a good that they have smart A.I even tho they'll leave you grounded if you let them

Dark_king3205d ago

Well it wouldn't be right if you didn't have to fight to get a hawk.People take them from me all the time in Warhawk,makes me mad when they get killed in two seconds though.

Dark_king3205d ago

I really can't wait been playing Warhawk again just to get better with pro flight.Its the area Im the weakest in so I want to get better.I got the ground skills just need to stop relying on the normal flight to lock missiles while Im dodging missiles.They already said the addressed that issue and it won't be in Starhawk.

kamakaz3md3205d ago

Sony keeps putting out amazing games. This is just another great 1 coming.

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