Survey says 28% of polled gamers think 3D detracts from gameplay

GameDynamo - "The Nintendo 3DS has gotten off to a shaky start, with limited software and hardware sales slow enough to provoke a 33% price cut. To add insult to Nintendo's financial injury, it seems that the 3DS' main selling point, it's glasses-free 3D, is less popular with gamers than the company might have hoped."

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Soplox3216d ago

3D is gimmick I'm in the 28%

AWBrawler3216d ago (Edited 3216d ago )

yet HD remakes isn't??

the growth of 3D will bing us closer to being like it is in the movie Avatar where we get in a little pod and go to another world. HD isn't going to be the main pull of games like that, but the 3D aspect will be

Canary3216d ago

Keep in mind that the other 62% don't necessarily DISAGREE. I do not think 3D detracts from gaming, but I don't think it adds anything to the experience, either.

And AWBrawler? That' irrelevant. Saying 3D is a gimmick has absolutely no bearing on HD ports/remakes/updates whatsoever. I think pretty much every gamer can agree that 3D on the 3DS kind of sucks, and that HD ports kind of suck. That's precisely why the 3DS has gotten so much flack for both its hardware and software.

AWBrawler3216d ago

Semi Agree. 3D remakes suck (that's why I have none) but I enjoy the 3D on the 3DS when done right like the Kid Icarus Trailer and Pilot wings, but Capcom is sucking at the whole 3D thing right about now.

schlanz3216d ago

Ocarina of Time 3D does not suck.

ozstar3216d ago

Yeah, these figures arn't exactly great, but im sure many people had problems with swinging their wiimotes too, before they got used to it.

Shnazzyone3216d ago

Starfox 64 actually disproves this. That game works great with 3d on and is a nice accent.

Sobari3215d ago

I've actually grown to love 3D since I got a 3DS. I'm actually waiting for LG's upcoming glasses-free 3D monitor to get for my gaming PC.