Home redesign update information, US & EU confirmed, Poker & FPS

The other month it was confirmed by SCEA that Home would under go a redesign later this week with the new 'Hub' space and now it's also been confirmed by SCEE for the SCEE region.

The redesign will see a new Hub space that will let users play meta games, that let you take on quests such as defending the Hub from attack. Besides quests, the Hub integrates games, community events and user-generated content. "We are giving the keys to the castle to the users so they can make their own goods," Jack Buser said.

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Neo Nugget3171d ago

Wow, later this week? That's a lot sooner than I had expected O_O

XxBarretxX3171d ago

PlaystationHome is still in Beta. I find this hilarious, because even though games think it's dumb, HOME has been very successful. I guess they're waiting for this to be a gaming focus sim but it will never work imo.

a_bro3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

it will always be in beta on PS3.

One must wonder what part it will play if they bring it to the PS4. if that ever happens that is.

Kamikaze1353171d ago

The problem is, Home has been successful in the same way Farmville has been successful (the casual market). So no matter how great it gets, there will always be "those" people around that get a kick of poking fun of it.

HappyWithOneBubble3170d ago

Like I said before Sony is doing some good things. It might not seem all that to some people but I know Sony got a lot of great stuff coming. I doubt we will get the trophy Home space on PS3. I think Sony is saving that for PS4. I'm happy with that.

tarbis3170d ago

Ugh! I got too many games to play on PS3 to visit Home and it's been a long time since I visit it. >_<