Mobile Suits Assault the DS in "MechAssault: Phantom War"

Taking place sometime in the year 3000, Phantom War is a futuristic third-person action game. Over 20 mechs, several weapons, and a multitude of battle-filled environments are packed into a one-gigabit (128mb) game card. Lead Engineer Chris Larkin explained how the game will play on this new platform.

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Tempopo reveal trailer - PC Gaming Show 2024

Return your magical flower instruments to their rightful home with the help of some adorable ditzy bulbs.


The case for Pokemon Black and White remakes in 2024

A number of leaks have popped up that reference Pokemon Black and White remakes in some way. Are they all coincidences or real in 2024?

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jambola21d ago

I can't wait for it to look Even worse than the original and force exp share


Why a Survival Mode For The Next Animal Crossing Isn't as Wild as It Sounds

The Animal Crossing franchise may lean towards casual gaming, but it has laid the foundation for a future title to have a survival mode.

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