Let us Rent Games On Demand

The Controller Online talks about the idea of renting games from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

"Games On Demand is a growing catalogue of games available to purchase via a download on the Xbox Marketplace. It’s a great option for those who either didn’t play the game when it launched in stores, bought it but traded it in and want it again or for games that maybe you can’t find in stores anymore and just have to have it.

The idea is great and I’ve even bought a few games from it, but what would be really great is if you could rent games from it."

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theonlylolking3205d ago

That would be awesome to rent games on demand but what if people find a way to hack the game so they can play it forever?

peteonline3205d ago

Some people will always look for a way to hack the system, regardless the system. There are always ways around it, or ways to patch it when they hack it.