PC MicroWorks rolls out Black-Hawk XR5 "super notebook"

It may not be much to look at, but PC Microworks' new 17-inch Black-Hawk XR5 laptop certainly looks like it has the specs to get the job done, including room for three SATA 300 hard drives and a pair of NVIDIA's new Geforce Go 8800GTX graphics units in SLI mode. Otherwise, you can expect a range of configurable options, including your choice of Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad processors, up to 4GB of 800 MHz DDR2 memory, and an optional Blu-ray burner, to name a few. Look for this one to start shipping sometime next month, with PC MicroWork's default system setting you back $2,779 (although some of those aforementioned options will cost you considerably more than that).

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KINGDRAMA3992d ago

alienware is getting the same laptop config on monday.

seriously though, for 6-7 grand u can build a TOP of the line desktop throw it out your window and build it all over again and sTILL have some money left over.

not to mention the desktops will outperform this laptop by 3-4x